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2T/H Biomass Pellet Manufacturing Plant in Singapore

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Name:Biomass wood pellet line
Date:March 18, 2022
Pellet Size:8-10mm
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Semi-automatic
Guiding Price:190,000 USD

2T/H Biomass Pellet Manufacturing Plant in Singapore

Project origin

The customer of this 2t/h biomass pellet manufacturing plant project is from Singapore and invested $190,000 to build this "10,000-ton annual wood pellet project". All biomass pellet equipment was provided by Richi Machinery.

The 2t/h biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Singapore project covers an area of 4000m2, using the customer's existing factory building with a construction area of 1700m2.

wood chips

On December 28, 2021, we received inquiries from customers in Singapore:

“We use shredded wood chips (Pallet, Crates, Boxes, Construction)

We are a Singapore based company looking for a wood pelletizing machine – 2 ton per hour capacity and the output size should be 6 mm to 8 mm dia.

We have shredded wood chips made from wooden pallets, crates, boxes, construction logs and is wet.”

On March 18, 2022, this project was completed. The final project was a complete wood pellet production line. The customer will not only use wood waste, but also a portion of straw.

According to the customer, the 2t/h biomass pellet production line in Singapore project will adopt a two-shift system, with each shift of 8 hours, 300 days of work per year, and 4800 hours of work per year. The production line personnel of this project is 10 people.

Project content

This 2t/h biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Singapore project covers an area of 4000m2, and the main building area is 1700m2.

Building Name Designing Ability Remark
Manufacturing Plant Annual output of 10,000 tons of wood pellets 10,000 tons Building area 1700m2
Office Daily administrative office Building area 200m2
Raw material warehouse and finished product warehouse For storage of raw materials and finished products Located in the production workshop
Off-site transportation Entrust social vehicles for transportation /
In-factory transportation Forklift /

This 2t/h biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Singapore project utilizes an existing factory building owned by the client.

The layout of the workshop is reasonable according to the process flow. The raw material storage yard is set up on the south side of the workshop, the crushing and drying process is set up in the middle area, and the granulation process and finished product workshop are set up on the north side.

Process design of 2 t/h biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Singapore

  1. Crushing:
    The raw material wood chips, waste wood boards, straw, etc. used in this 2t/h biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Singapore project need to be crushed first. After the raw materials enter the factory, they enter the screening machine for screening to remove impurities, such as some large pieces of straw, bark, etc.
  2. Drying:
    The sawdust in this project comes from the wood processing plant. Water will be brought into the wood production process. Therefore, the moisture content of the generated sawdust is high, about 60%-80%, and cannot be directly entered into the sawdust pellet mill for production. The granules need to be dried first, and then enter the dryer through the elevator after screening.
    A hot air stove provides the heat source and indirect heating. The drying time depends on the moisture content of the feed, usually about 1 hour. After drying, The moisture content drops to about 15%. The dried material is lifted to the silo of the granulator through the auger.
  3. Granulation:
    The dried sawdust or crushed wood chips, waste wood boards, straw, etc. are sent to the raw material bin using a conveyor belt, and then transported by the auger into the biomass pellet mill for granulation. The granulation is through extrusion. The finished product is made by compression molding.
    The extrusion process is a physical process. No adhesive is added and no chemical reaction occurs. This process produces a small amount of dust.
  4. Cooling:
    The prepared biomass pellets enter the packaging machine through the bucket elevator and are naturally cooled during the lifting process of the bucket elevator.
  5. Packaging:
    This 2t/h biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Singapore project uses a fully automatic weighing and packaging machine for packaging.
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About raw materials and products

Consumption of main raw and auxiliary materials

No. ame Annual sage (t/a)
1 Sawdust (needs to be dried) 2900
2 Straw (used after crushing, no need to dry) 1100
3 Wood chips and wood waste (used after crushing, no need to dry) 6000

Product plan

Product Name Specification Design Capability (t/a) Annual Operating Hours
Biomass pellets As per order requirement 10000 4800h/a

Product quality indicators

Item Index
Full moisture ≤15%
Ash content ≤15%
Volatile content ≥63%
Full sulfur ≤0.05%
Calorific value ≥14MJ/kg
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Equipment needed in 2t/h biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Singapore

No. Device Name QTY
1 Wood hammer mill 1
2 Wood dryer 1
3 Wood pellet mill (MZLH420) 2
4 Screening machine 1
5 Bucket elevator 1
6 Conveyor (customized) 5
7 Fully automatic weighing and baling machine (25kg) 1
8 Floor scale (100t) 1
9 Forklift 1
10 Grab the car 1
11 hot air stove 1

Public works


Water supply and drainage

Water supply: The water for the 2t/h biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Singapore project is provided by the local water pipe network, and the water consumption is 1m3/d (300m3/a).

Drainage: The project wastewater is mainly domestic sewage, with a production volume of 0.8m3/d (240m3/a). It will be used as agricultural fertilizer after treatment in septic tanks and will not be discharged.


Power supply

The electricity used by the project is drawn from the local power supply network. The annual electricity consumption of the project is 1.5 million kWh, which can meet the project's electricity demand.


Storage and transportation project

Set up a raw material/finished product warehouse, located in the production workshop, and set up a raw material/finished product area. Covers an area of 200m2.

Intra-factory transportation relies on manual handling or forklifts, and out-of-factory transportation is entrusted to private vehicles.

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Environmental protection measures

Singapore has very high environmental protection requirements for any industrial production, and wood pellet production is certainly no exception.

Therefore, according to the customer's requirements, we have equipped them with suitable environmental protection facilities so that the pollution emissions from the operation of the biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Singapore always meet the standards.

Exhaust gas

By strengthening workshop ventilation and employee protection, unorganized dust emissions have less impact on the environment. It is predicted that this 2t/h biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Singapore project does not need to set an atmospheric environment protection distance.

It is necessary to set a 50m sanitary protection distance in the granulation workshop. After on-site investigation, the sanitary protection distance is There are no residential areas or other environmentally sensitive targets within the scope.

In summary, the exhaust pollutants of this 2t/h biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Singapore project can meet the emission standards.


The wastewater generated by this 2t/h biomass pellet plant in Singapore project is mainly the domestic sewage of employees. The domestic sewage is collected and treated in septic tanks and used to fertilize surrounding farmland without being discharged.


The noise during the operation period of this project is mainly the operating noise of biomass pellet granulators, screening machines, elevators, belt conveyors, dryers, balers, fans, water pumps and other equipment.

The source intensity is about 70~85dB(A), which can be separated by walls. After taking measures such as sound and foundation vibration reduction, the project boundary noise emissions can meet local standards and have little impact on the surrounding acoustic environment.

Solid waste

The solid waste generated by this 2t/h biomass pellet manufacturing plant in Singapore project is mainly collected dust, hot blast furnace ash and employee domestic waste. The collected dust and ash are sold and disposed of externally; domestic waste is entrusted to the sanitation department for removal and transportation.

Therefore, the solid waste of this project can be effectively and reasonably treated and disposed without causing secondary pollution to the environment.

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