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8 T/H Cat Litter Production Line In Malaysia

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Name:Cat litter factory project
Capacity:20,000 T/A
Pellet Size:3 mm
The install period:90 Days
Control Mode:Semi-automatic
Guiding Price:US$350,000

8 T/H Cat Litter Production Line In Malaysia

Background of the 8 t/h cat litter production line in Malaysia project

This is a natural plant cat litter pellet processing project. The customer mainly processes tofu cat litter and bamboo cat litter. Cat litter is mainly used to eliminate domestic pet feces and odors.

Plant cat litter has extremely strong air purification and adsorption functions, thereby keeping indoor air fresh and environmental hygiene. It has been proven through application that plant cat litter enjoys a high reputation in the market. market share.

8 T/H Cat Litter Production Lne In Malaysia

With the continuous development of social economy, the scale of cities will also continue to expand. Keeping pets has become a fashion trend for modern people, and plant cat litter is an essential pet product. Because the main raw materials of plant cat litter are corn flour, pea fiber, starch, green tea and other natural substances, it has reached food grade.

After scientific preparation, precision compression molding, and high-temperature drying, the product can be completely degraded and has anti-mildew, antibacterial, deodorizing, and environmentally friendly properties.

Comprehensive consideration should be given to market demand and various requirements for cat litter performance. Therefore, plant cat litter will be the leading product in the cat litter market for a long time to come.

In order to adapt to market demand, the client of this cat litter production line in Malaysia project, a Malaysian pet products company, invested US$350,000 to build a "cat litter production line project with an annual output of 20,000 tons" and purchased a number of new production equipment.

After the project is completed, the annual output will be 20,000 tons. The production scale of plant cat litter pellets is 8 tons per hour.

  • Project nature: New construction
  • Annual output: 20000t/a (Packaged and sold directly)
  • Working system: Single shift system, 8 hours a day, 300 days a year.
  • Number of employees: 30 people
Cat Litter Production

Construction scale and content

The workshop of this 8 t/h cat litter production line in Malaysia project is mainly equipped with production equipment such as screw conveyors, double-shaft blade mixers, cat litter granulators, dryers, crushers, and fully automatic vacuum packaging machines; it is also equipped with office areas, laboratories and other auxiliary equipment. project.

After the project is completed, it will reach an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of cat litter. The specific project construction components are shown in the table below:

Project type Project name Project content and scale
Structural work Cat litter production line The project adopts a steel-concrete structure factory building with a total construction area of 1744m2 and a cat litter production line.
Auxiliary works Workshop office Located on the west side of the workshop, used for daily workshop office work
Laboratory Located on the northwest side of the workshop, used for product quality testing
Storage and transportation engineering Raw materials warehouse Located on the north side of the workshop, it is used to store purchased raw and auxiliary materials.
Finished product area Located on the south side of the workshop, it is used to store packaged cat litter products.
Hardware warehouse Located on the east side of the workshop, it is mainly used for temporary storage of mechanical spare parts.

Product plan

Please see the table below for details of 8 t/h cat litter production line in Malaysia project product plans:

Product name Annual output Remark
Cat litter 20000 Packaged and sold directly

It is worth mentioning that among the cat litter products with an annual output of 20,000 tons, customers divide the final cat litter products into 4 series according to different formulas:

List of project product quality requirements

Item Moisture (%) Viscosity Bulk density (g/L) Pellet diameter (mm) Pellet length Water absorption (%)
High Low 460±25
Organic Bamboo Cat Litter 9.2 10 5 550±25 3 8-13mm 460
Original tofu 9.2 9 4 550±25 3 8-13mm 300
Tofu green tea 9.2 10 5 550±25 3 8-13mm 310
Tofu corn 9.2 10 5 550±25 3 8-13mm 310

Note: Pellets can be adjusted appropriately according to customer needs

Main equipment of the 8 t/h cat litter production line in Malaysia project

The main equipment of this 8 t/h cat litter factory in Malaysia project includes puffing equipment, drying equipment, mixing equipment, conveying equipment, packaging equipment, etc.

Device name QTY
Bucket elevator 2
Screw conveyor 2
Screw conveyor 1
Twin-shaft paddle mixer 1
Cat litter granulator 2
Fan 2
Skirt belt machine 1
Dryer 1
Bucket elevator 1
U-shaped scraper conveyor 1
Air compressor 1
Fully automatic vacuum packaging machine 4

Main raw materials and energy consumption

The main raw and auxiliary materials during the 8 t/h cat litter production line in Malaysia project operation period are purchased agricultural and sideline products such as corn starch, corn flour, pea residue, soybean residue, etc.

As well as water, electricity and other energy consumption consumed in daily operations, the main raw and auxiliary materials of the project are detailed in the table below.

Name Consumption Maximum reserves and storage period
Corn starch 7500 tons/year 650 tons/month
Corn flour 7500 tons/year 650 tons/month
Pea residue 3000 tons/year 210 tons/month
Soybean residue 2500 tons/year 180 tons/month
Guar gum 300 tons/year 25 tons/month
Calcium carbonate 200 tons/year 18 tons/month
Flavors 3.0 tons/year 0.3 tons/month
Water 2550 tons/year  /
Electricity 120,000 kWh/a  /
Gas 250,000 cubic meters /

Malaysia Cat litter production line process design

  1. Unpacking:
    Use a forklift to transport corn flour, corn starch, pea residue and soybean residue raw materials to the receiving platform, and lift the materials to the batching system through manual unpacking.
  2. Raw material configuration:
    According to customer needs, a certain proportion of raw materials (corn flour, corn starch, pea residue and soybean residue) are pre-mixed and prepared. The prepared raw materials enter the twin-shaft paddle mixer for full mixing. .
  3. Mixing:
    The premixed raw materials are manually added to the twin-shaft paddle mixer for further mixing. During the mixing process, guar gum, calcium carbonate, essence and a certain proportion of fresh ingredients are added according to the needs. Water, the ratio of water and powdered raw materials is about 1:10. The raw material preparation and mixing process is fully enclosed.
  4. Granulation:
    After the project raw materials are fully mixed and stirred, they are sent to the cat litter pellet machine through a closed belt conveyor for granulation. The moisture content of the granulated cat litter is about 20%.
  5. Pellet drying:
    The granulated cat litter is sent to the drying tunnel through a closed conveyor belt with a plexiglass observation hole. The cat litter production line in Malaysia project uses a natural gas hot air stove for drying. The dried finished cat litter contains water.
    The rate is controlled at around 9.2%. Unqualified products are screened in the drying tunnel, and the unqualified products enter the mixing mixer for reprocessing.
    The entire granulation and drying process is operated in closed equipment. The drying machine has a cyclone system. Hot air circulates inside. The humidity inside will be discharged only when the humidity reaches a certain value, and no dust is emitted.
  6. Cooling:
    The dried qualified cat litter enters the fan cooling system for cooling treatment.
  7. Automatic packaging:
    The cooled cat litter enters the silo to be packaged, is sealed by an automatic vacuum baler, and then enters the finished product warehouse for temporary storage.

Overall layout of 8 t/h Malaysia cat litter company project


General layout of the project

According to the actual construction layout of the customer, it is divided into production area, raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, etc. The production area is located on the southeast side of the workshop.

It is mainly equipped with production equipment such as raw material receiving systems, ingredient mixing systems, granulating and drying systems, cooling systems, and finished product packaging systems.

The office is located on the west side of the workshop, the raw material stacking area is located on the north side of the workshop, and the finished product area is located on On the south side of the workshop, the overall layout of the workshop facilitates the transportation of raw and auxiliary materials and the movement of personnel.

The layout of the construction project is conducive to the production collaboration of various departments during the production operation process and improves work efficiency. Generally speaking, the overall layout of the construction project is relatively reasonable.


Rational analysis of the overall layout

The overall layout of the 8 t/h cat litter production line in Malaysia project is arranged in accordance with the process flow. On the premise of meeting the requirements of the production process, the layout distance of each work section is short, which is conducive to production and management.

At the same time, the overall layout takes into account issues such as fire safety distances between buildings and fire escapes. Meet relevant regulatory requirements.

The high-noise equipment in this project is mainly concentrated in the batching, mixing area and finished product packaging area. After the sound insulation, foundation vibration reduction and distance attenuation of the factory building, it can be ensured that the standards are met at the factory boundary.

The internal roads of the project are circular roads to facilitate vehicle traffic. The fire escape is closed, which not only meets the traffic organization of cargo flow, but also meets fire protection requirements, ensuring the safety and continuity of production.

Generally speaking, the overall layout of this project is designed to facilitate logistics and transportation and reduce the impact of pollution sources on the surrounding environment during the production process. .

The overall layout of the project workshop mainly utilizes the existing factory layout, rationally utilizing the space in the factory to facilitate production. Generally speaking, the project layout is relatively clear and the floor plan is relatively reasonable.

Environmental protection measures


Exhaust gas

The waste gas generated by this 8 t/h cat litter production line in Malaysia project is mainly dust generated by the blanking process and smoke, SO2, and NOx generated by natural gas combustion.

The unloading dust is collected through the dust collection pipe and processed by the pulse bag dust collector and then discharged from the 15m exhaust pipe; the particulate matter emissions after processing by the bag dust collector meet the "Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants" and its unorganized monitoring concentration limit requirements.

The smoke, SO2, and NOx generated by burning natural gas in the drying furnace meet the furnace emission standard limits (30mg/m3, 200mg/m3, 300mg/m3), and the impact of the waste gas generated by the project on the atmospheric environment is acceptable.



After the 8 t/h cat litter production line in Malaysia project domestic sewage is treated in septic tanks and reaches the third level standard in the "Comprehensive Wastewater Discharge Standard" and the sewage treatment plant takeover limit, it is discharged through the municipal sewage pipe network into the local sewage treatment plant for centralized treatment.

The project's wastewater treatment measures are effective and feasible, and the impact on the surrounding surface water environment after the wastewater reaches the standard is acceptable.



Noise pollution control measures: Noise control methods include reducing source noise, controlling transmission channels, and protecting recipients; methods include sound absorption, sound insulation, and sound elimination.

It is recommended to take the following preventive and control measures for noise in the factory area of this 8 t/h cat litter production line in Malaysia project:

Establish a management system for regular maintenance and upkeep of equipment to prevent abnormal production noise caused by equipment failure and ensure that environmental protection measures play their best role; strengthen employees' environmental awareness education, promote civilized production, and prevent artificial noise.

The client company needs to implement the above noise control measures during the 8 t/h cat litter production line in Malaysia project operation period and improve environmental awareness.

After taking the above noise control measures, the project's noise emissions will have little impact on the surrounding environment, and noise prevention and control measures are feasible. The noise value at the factory boundary of this project can meet the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises at Factory Boundaries".


Solid waste

The solid waste generated during the operation period of this 8 t/h cat litter production line in Malaysia project includes dust collected by dust removal equipment, substandard products and domestic garbage.

Cat Litter Production

In addition to this 8 t/h cat litter production line in Malaysia, Richi Machinery also exports to Malaysia cattle feed production lines, chicken feed production lines, fish feed production lines, grass pellet production lines, wood pellet production lines, straw pellet production lines, biomass pellet production lines, etc. project.

If you are interested in our Malaysia project, please contact us to inquire about project details and obtain solutions and equipment quotations!

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