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2-3 T/H Bentonite Cat Litter Production Line in France

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Name:Cat litter factory
Country: France
Date:June 8, 2022
Pellet Size:2-5mm
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Guiding Price:US$150,000

2-3 T/H Bentonite Cat Litter Production Line in France

In recent years, the development speed of non-metallic, chemical, metallurgical, building materials and other industries has grown rapidly, especially for non-metallic enterprises, which have encountered good development opportunities.

Bentonite is a processed chemical product with multiple functions. It is widely used in various aspects such as oil drilling, geological exploration, metallurgical pellets, and casting sand. The market demand is large. In terms of agriculture and animal husbandry, bentonite used as soil conditioner, additive for mixed fertilizer, animal feed additive, adhesive and pesticide carrier will have good prospects.

2-3 T/H Bentonite Cat Litter Production Line in France

In terms of civil construction, it has also begun to move toward recovery, and a variety of building materials require large amounts of bentonite. In terms of light industry, the textile, daily chemicals, food and other markets are in good condition, which is also the reason why the world bentonite price is strong.

The client of this 2-3 t/h bentonite cat litter production line in France project took advantage of market opportunities to purchase bentonite raw materials from China, the United States, and Spain, and built a "bentonite series product construction project with an annual output of 20,000 tons." The investment is US$150,000.

The 2-3 t/h bentonite cat litter production line in France project works for 300 days a year, and all workers and auxiliary workers implement a three-shift system. Managers work on day shifts, with each shift lasting eight hours. Each shift and room is set up for duty and maintenance to ensure normal production.

The cat litter company has 20 original employees. The energy consumption of this project is mainly electricity. The project's electricity consumption is mainly for production, with power consumption of 587,000 kwh/a. The project uses the power supply lines of the local power supply bureau to connect to the factory area.

Bentonite Cat Litter

Construction scale and main equipment

The 2-3 t/h bentonite cat litter production line in France project has an annual output of 20,000 tons of bentonite series products. A new warehouse of 1,200 square meters was added.

Number Device name QTY
1 Cat Litter Dryer 1
2 Cat Litter Granulator 2
3 Cat Litter Packing Machine 2

Supply and consumption of raw and auxiliary materials

Number Raw material name Annual usage (t/a)
1 Bentonite 2.2
2 Sodium hydroxide 0.3 million
3 Packing 44

Brief description of process flow of bentonite cat litter factory

The cat litter production process of 2-3 t/h bentonite cat litter production line in France mainly uses raw ore as the main raw material. After natural drying, the moisture of the raw ore is reduced from 25% to less than 15%. Soda ash is added according to 2.5% of the bentonite dry base material.

After aging for a few days, put It is ground to 200 mesh in the bentonite powder machine, dried and granulated, and finally the product is packaged using a packaging machine.

  1. Sodiumization of raw materials
    After the original bentonite ore has been initially inspected, 2.5% soda ash is added for stirring (no water is added, no chemical reaction occurs), and then left to age for a few days.
  2. Grinder processing link
    The raw materials are transported by the conveyor to the storage hopper on the main machine, and then are evenly and quantitatively sent to the main machine's grinding chamber through the electromagnetic vibrating feeder for grinding.
    The ground powder rises with the air flow of the fan and is classified by the analyzer. The fine powder enters the large cyclone collector with the air flow through the pipe, is separated and collected, and then is discharged through the powder outlet valve to become the finished powder (finished product).
  3. Drying link
    The ground materials are sent to a dryer for drying to reduce the moisture content to less than 12%.
  4. Finished product packaging link
    The finished products processed by the bentonite cat litter pellet machine are transported to the finished product warehouse, bagged, weighed, and sealed.

General layout and transportation of the project factory area: According to the business needs of the 2-3 t/h bentonite cat litter production line in France project, the entrance and exit are located in the north of the site, the office area is located on the north side, the south side is mainly a production workshop, the east side is a drying workshop, and the south side of the factory is mainly a storage yard.

Environmental protection measures


Main pollution emissions:

  1. Exhaust gas produced by grinding
    The 2-3 t/h bentonite cat litter production line in France has installed two grinding machines for grinding casting soil. The mill machine is installed in the workshop and is equipped with a bag dust collector. The emission concentration is 55.4 mg/Nm3, the emission rate is 0.08 kg/h, and the emission volume is 1.152t/a.
  2. Domestic sewage
    The domestic sewage volume is 560t/a. After dry toilet treatment, it is regularly pumped out by tanker trucks to rural fertilizer accumulation points for utilization.
  3. Equipment noise
    The equipment from the grinding workshop produces noise, so noise reduction equipment such as anti-vibration pads is installed, and the emission is 60 to 50 dB(A).
  4. Domestic garbage
    The domestic waste generated is 3t/a, which is packed in bags and collected, transported and disposed of by the environmental sanitation department.

All equipment of 2-3 t/h bentonite cat litter production line in France is set up in a closed workshop. Install windproof and dust suppression nets. Eliminate small earthen boilers and use clean fuel or electric heating.


Environmental protection measures

The environmental protection measures adopted in this 2-3 t/h bentonite cat litter production line in France project are as follows:

  1. Exhaust gas
    The exhaust gas generated by the dryer is processed by a composite dust collector, and the flue gas, dust and SO2 are discharged up to standard;
    For dust generated in the raw material storage yard and drying yard in the factory area, measures should be taken to reduce the amount of raw material stacking, and windproof and dust suppression nets should be set up around the factory area to reduce dust;
    Vehicle exhaust and dust are generated during vehicle transportation, so measures should be taken to strengthen greening and sprinkle water to suppress dust.
    The above measures will not have any significant impact on the surrounding environment.
  2. Noise
    On the condition that the 2-3 t/h bentonite cat litter production line in France project meets the technical requirements of process design, low-noise and low-vibration equipment will be selected to reduce the noise value from the sound source.
    At the same time, the equipment used is set up in a closed joint workshop. The workshop adopts architectural sound insulation, and noise-generating equipment is equipped with vibration-absorbing foundations or vibration-absorbing pads. After being attenuated by distance from the factory area, the factory boundary meets the "Environmental Noise Emission Standard for Industrial Enterprises at Factory Boundaries".
    On the premise that the noise at the factory boundary of the project meets the emission standards, there are residential areas within 200m of the factory site, and noise-sensitive targets are set. Therefore, the company must strictly abide by the production time.
  3. Solid waste
    The solid waste generated by this 2-3 t/h bentonite cat litter production line in France project mainly comes from the dust collected by the dryer flue gas dust collector. The dryer removes dust, builds a temporary storage shed for temporary storage, and regularly exports it for use as raw material for unfired bricks.
Item Emission source Pollutant name Prevention
Atmospheric pollutant Vehicle transportation Dust and exhaust gas Strengthen greening and sprinkle water to suppress dust
Dryer Smoke, SO2, NOx Compound dust collector, 30m exhaust tube
Raw material storage yard and drying yard Flying dust Set up windproof and dust suppression nets to reduce the amount of raw materials stacked
Grinder Dust Bag filter
Water pollutants Domestic sewage COD, ammonia nitrogen After treatment in anti-seepage septic tanks, tankers are used to pump the waste regularly to rural fertilizer accumulation points for utilization.
Solid Waste Dryer Cinder Construction of temporary storage shed
dryer dust collector Dust removal
Mill dust collector Dust Recycling as product
Staff life Domestic waste Regularly transport to garbage disposal points
Noise Each equipment is set up in a closed workshop. Set soft connections and install mufflers at the suction and exhaust ports of the fan; install the main noise-generating equipment on an independent foundation, and install a vibration-absorbing foundation or vibration-absorbing pad. After taking the above measures, the comprehensive noise reduction can be 20-40dB (A). After being attenuated by distance and blocked by cliffs and green belts, there will be no disturbing noise pollution.

Why develop a bentonite cat litter production line in France?

Bentonite cat litter is a cat litter that is more environmentally friendly, easier to clean and more comfortable than traditional clay cat litter. It is also a relatively new market, but it is gradually emerging.

Cat litter is one of the essential supplies in cats’ life, and the market demand is huge. With the gradual rise of the pet industry, especially in developed countries and regions, the size of the cat litter market is getting larger and larger, the consumer groups are becoming more and more extensive, and the development of cat litter is becoming more and more diversified. Therefore, bentonite cat litter has great Good market prospects.

Bentonite Cat Litter

The United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and other countries and regions are one of the largest cat litter markets in the world. Cat owners have increasingly higher requirements for the quality and use experience of cat litter, especially in the context of changes in cat owners’ lifestyles.

A more convenient cat litter product, bentonite cat litter, emerged under this background. The popularity of the Internet has also provided new ways for cat litter sales. Online sales have become increasingly popular, which also provides opportunities for the promotion of bentonite cat litter.

The number of cats is another important driving factor in the cat litter market. According to statistics, the number of existing pet cats in the world reaches 600 million, and the corresponding cat litter consumption is also very large.

In addition, people are gradually paying more attention to the health and living environment of cats, strengthening the environmental awareness of pet life, and increasing the demand for cat litter that is environmentally friendly and easy to clean, and bentonite cat litter fits this demand.

If you want to build a bentonite cat litter production line in France, contact Richi Machinery to customize a plan and get an equipment quote!

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