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Paddy Drying in India Project

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Name:Paddy Drying System Construction
Date:December 2018
Capacity:500 tons
Raw materials:Wet rice
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Guiding Price:400,000 USD

Paddy Drying in India Project

Project Background

This is a paddy drying in India project. The project mainly dries wet rice and can dry 500 tons of wet rice per day. The customer is from India.

In this project, in addition to the rice dryer, we provided the customer with a complete set of design solutions and cleaning screens, conveyors, boilers and other equipment.

For a long time, people have used traditional methods to dry rice. Whenever there is a long period of rainy weather, the rice will become moldy and deteriorate. Grain farmers can only look at the rice and sigh.

With the promotion of land transfer, a large number of large grain growing households and agricultural industry organizations have emerged. The intensification and scale of grain production will inevitably require the centralized mechanization of grain drying.

Therefore, everyone from ordinary farmers to large grain growers and cooperative organizations are eagerly looking forward to an efficient and energy-saving advanced grain drying equipment to replace their grain drying and relieve their worries.

Paddy Drying in India Project

In this context, in order to solve the local grain drying problem, the customer of this paddy drying in India project invested US$400,000 in purchasing drying equipment and building a new drying workshop and boiler room to build a rice drying project.

After the project is operated at full capacity, it will have a daily production capacity of 500 tons of rice drying.

Construction scale of paddy drying in India project


Main project

Project composition Scale
Rice drying workshop 1F, construction area 5100m2, height 15m
Boiler Room 1F, construction area 100m2, a new 2t boiler in the boiler room

Warehouse engineering

There is no wet grain storage warehouse in this paddy drying in India project. The purchased wet grain is not stacked in the factory area and will be dried immediately after being transported to the factory area. The dried rice is stored in the rice barn of the rice drying workshop, waiting for processing.


Environmental protection projects

Project composition Scale
Boiler exhaust gas 1 8m exhaust pipe
Initial cleaning and sifting dust 1 set of bag dust collector, 1 15m exhaust tube
Noise Vibration reduction, vibration isolation measures, workshop wall sound insulation, etc.
Solid waste A general solid waste temporary storage warehouse with a volume of about 50m3
Wastewater An underground sewage treatment facility

Raw and auxiliary materials consumption

Name Consumption
Wet rice (moisture content 20%-30%) 60000t/a
Water 412m3/a
Electricity 500,000kWh
Diesel fuel 122.88t/a

Drying process of rice in India project


Initial cleaning and screening process

The function of the primary cleaning screen is to specifically separate large impurities such as straw, wheat ears, rope ends, mud blocks, etc. in the grain to create favorable conditions for the next process. The primary cleaning screen mainly uses the different sizes of grain particles and impurity particles.

Through continuous screening of the sieve cylinder, large and fine impurities in the raw grain can be removed, and secondary cleaning is carried out through the fan selection to remove the wrapped particles. Light impurities in clean grains are removed.


Paddy drying process

The heat generated by the boiler is used to heat and dehydrate the rice to achieve a drying effect. The heat source for the drying process comes from a 2-ton paddy boiler, which uses 0# light diesel as fuel.


Conveying system

The material transfer and transportation of the paddy drying in India project adopts a combination of elevator and closed pipeline transportation. The closed pipeline transports the materials to the feed slot of the elevator and transfers them to the elevator.

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Equipment of paddy drying in India project

Device Name Specifications and models QTY
Cylindrical primary cleaning screen (40T-50T)/hour 1
Bucket elevator (height 14.5 meters) (40T-50T)/hour 3
Conveyor 50T/hour 4
Rice barn 80T 4
Rice dryer 60T 2
Fan 4-72 5A 1
Boiler 2t 1

Number of employees and work system

The labor capacity of this rice dryer in India project is 10 people. According to the seasonal characteristics of rice growth, the customer conducts seasonal production to meet market demand.

The production shift is one shift a day, each shift lasts 8 hours, and the annual production is 120 days.

Public works


Water supply and drainage


Power supply

The project's annual electricity consumption is approximately 500,000 kWh, which is supplied by the local power supply bureau.



The project will build a new boiler room, and it is planned to use a 2t/h boiler for rice drying and heating, and the fuel will be 0# light diesel.

General layout of the project

The total land area of this paddy drying in India project is 22.11 acres, and the construction content mainly includes: rice drying workshop, boiler room, etc.

The rice drying workshop arranges production equipment according to the process flow. The overall layout of the process flow is smooth, the raw material transportation lines are reasonable and short, and meet the process production requirements.

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