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10-15 T/H Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line in USA

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Name:Organic fertilizer production line in USA
Country:United States
Date:May 10, 2022
Capacity:30000 T/A
Product Size:Powder
The install period:140 Days
Control Mode:Semi-automatic
Guiding Price:570,000 USD

10-15 T/H Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line in USA

Why start 10-15 t/h chicken manure fertilizer production line in USA?

U.S. agricultural production is highly developed and extremely competitive. As consumers become more concerned about ecology and environmental protection, ecological agriculture has gradually become a new trend in American farm models.

U. Ecological agriculture focuses on protecting the natural environment and achieves ecological and green agricultural production through measures such as replacing chemical fertilizers with organic fertilizers and replacing chemical pesticides with biological control. This model is conducive to improving the quality of agricultural products, improving the soil environment, and protecting biodiversity.

10-15 T/H Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line in USA

The United States also attaches great importance to the management of agricultural inputs and cultivates awareness of agricultural product safety. Many countries have enacted strict animal manure management laws to promote the harmless treatment and resource utilization of organic waste such as livestock and poultry manure.

The United States has introduced a livestock and poultry breeding pollution fee to be used for livestock and poultry environmental management.

Based on the good development prospects, the customer invested US$570,000 to establish this organic fertilizer production line project with an annual output of 30,000 tons.

It produces pollution-free and efficient bio-fertilizer and organic fertilizer, and follows a scientific development path that emphasizes both economic and ecological benefits. It is worth mentioning that this project is a typical example of resource utilization of livestock and poultry manure, because chicken manure is used as the main raw material.

10-15 T/H Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line in USA

Project scale and content

The total planned land area of this 10-15 t/h chicken manure fertilizer production line in USA project is 3000m2, and the total construction area is 3000m2. The proposed project consists of main engineering, auxiliary engineering, environmental protection engineering, public engineering, etc.

The project composition is shown in the table below:

Category Name Project content and scale
Structural work Production workshop Build a bio-organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 30,000 tons of organic fertilizer, a production workshop of 1,500m2, and a total construction area of 3,000m2
Auxiliary works Office Office building construction area 300㎡
Storage and transportation engineering Storehouse The finished product warehouse area is 700㎡ and the raw material warehouse area is 500㎡.
Green Project Flowers, trees, etc. Factory greening

Main raw and auxiliary materials and energy consumption

The main raw materials and energy consumption of 10-15 t/h chicken manure fertilizer production line in USA are as follows:

NO. Name Annual Consumption Remark
1 Chicken manure (moisture content less than 70%) 22150t/a Surrounding chicken farms
2 Coarse bran (fineness 16 mesh) 3000t/a Grain drying plant
3 Humic acid (organic value content above 55%) 1000t/a Outsourcing
 4 Rapeseed meal (nutrient content above 8%) 4000t/a Source from surrounding residents’ farms
5 Water 150t/a Municipal water supply
6 Electricity 160000kWh Municipal power grid

Material Balance

The main material balance of this 10-15 t/h chicken manure fertilizer production line in USA project is as follows:

Input Output
Item Dosage (t/a) Item Output (t/a)
Chicken manure 22150 Organic Fertilizer 30000
Chaff 3000 Residue after screening 150
Humic acid 1000 / /
Rapeseed meal 4000 / /
30150 30150

Equipment of 10-15 t/h chicken manure fertilizer production line in USA

The following is the main equipment list for the project:

NO. Device Name QTY
1 High temperature fermentation mixer 2
2 High temperature fermentation mixer 2
3 Packing Machine 2
4 Oxygen fermentation equipment 15
5 Conveyor 8
6 Forklift 1
7 Screening machine 2

Process design of 10-15 t/h chicken manure fertilizer production line in USA

The process flow designed by RICHI engineers for customers is as follows:

  1. Put the organic waste (chicken manure, coarse bran, humic acid, rapeseed meal, etc., the raw materials are the amount of storage for one day) into the high-temperature fermentation mixer in proportion and stir evenly for 7 hours, and control the temperature and humidity to the most suitable temperature and humidity for organic fermentation. Heating the organic matter to above 80 degrees through the electric heating tube inside the high-temperature mixer.
  2. Then discharge the organic matter to the fermentation tank, and at the same time, use the timed oxygenation device to oxygenate for several minutes at a fixed time (the time setting may be changed due to weather, climate, etc.) to ensure the best aerobic fermentation mode and the entire fermentation process. It will go through three stages of high, medium and low temperature. Once the temperature drops to about 30℃, the entire fermentation process is completed. ​

The main pollution produced during the processing of organic fertilizers is as follows:

  • During the production process of this 10-15 t/h chicken manure fertilizer production line in USA project, a small amount of unorganized dust will be generated during shoveling, loading and unloading, feeding, mixing, and screening. This part of dust varies depending on the moisture content of the raw materials, and the amount produced is very small, making it impossible to analyze quantitatively.
  • The odor of this project mainly comes from the raw material warehouse, fermentation workshop and transportation process.
  • The wastewater generated by this project is mainly employee domestic sewage and fermentation wastewater.
  • The noise-generating equipment in the project mainly includes mixers, forklifts, screening machines, belts, etc. The project is an organic fertilizer production and construction project. Therefore, the solid waste generated is mainly staff domestic waste, residue after screening, and solid waste generated during the packaging process.

Public works


Water supply

The source of water for residents in and around the project location is municipal water supply. This 10-15 t/h chicken manure fertilizer production line in USA project does not involve production water, and the water used in the project is mainly domestic water for employees.

Water consumption: The factory has a working capacity of 10 people, an annual production of 300 days, no food and accommodation, domestic water is 50L/person·d, domestic sewage is 0.5m3/d (150m3/a), and the sewage discharge coefficient is 0.8, then the amount of sewage generated About 0.4m3/d (120m3/a).



A small amount of domestic sewage in this project will be used for greening within the plant after being treated in septic tanks and will not be discharged outside. The fermentation wastewater in the fermentation tank during the production process is recycled and not discharged.


Power supply system

The power supply of this organic fertilizer production line project mainly comes from the local municipal power grid, which can meet the requirements of the electricity load. The annual electricity consumption is 160,000 kw·h, and there is no diesel generator set.


Labor quota and work system

  • Labor capacity: The number of 10-15 t/h chicken manure fertilizer production line in USA project employees is 10, all from residents near the project, and they will not be accommodated in the factory;
  • Working system: The annual working time is 300 days, a one-shift working system is implemented, and the daily production is 8 hours.

General layout

During the production process of the 10-15 t/h chicken manure fertilizer production line in USA project, the impact of the production workshop on the surrounding residents, environment, and employees in the factory was fully considered, and the general layout was reasonably arranged.

The project site mainly consists of four parts: raw material warehouse, production workshop, finished product warehouse, and office building. There are no canteens, dormitories and other buildings. The entrance and exit are located in the south. The office building is far away from the production workshop.

The production workshop, which is the main source of odor pollution, is located in the northeast of the project. The garbage collection site is located in the south of the production workshop in the factory. It should be as far away from the residents around the project as possible to reduce the impact on the external environment.

The floor layout arranges the chicken manure fertilizer production lines in strict accordance with the order of the process flow, which avoids employees rushing back and forth. The main pollution sources are kept away from sensitive points in the surrounding environment, reducing the impact on the external environment.

Development Prospects of the U.S. Organic Fertilizer Industry

The amount of organic fertilizer used in the United States accounts for about 50% of the total fertilizer use. The United States focuses on precision agriculture. The organic fertilizer market is developing rapidly and has relatively complete industry regulations and systems.

The main barrier to market entry is product quality certification. In the United States, which has a developed chemical fertilizer industry, a large amount of organic fertilizers and bio-organic fertilizers are used in agricultural production. This can not but be said to be a new trend in world agriculture.

10-15 T/H Chicken Manure Fertilizer Production Line in USA

With the development of science and technology, the United States will have more breakthroughs in the production and utilization of organic fertilizers. For example, plants can be improved through genetic engineering technology so that they can better absorb and utilize organic fertilizers, thereby increasing the efficiency of fertilizer use.

In addition, the technology of using renewable energy to produce organic fertilizer will also become an important development direction in the future. For example, the use of renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy for fertilizer production is both environmentally friendly and efficient.

At the same time, the U.S. government will continue to increase its support for organic agriculture. For example, we should further increase investment in the research and development and promotion of organic fertilizers, and improve the training and education level of farmers so that they can better understand and apply organic fertilizers.

In addition, the government will work with educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and businesses to jointly promote the development of organic agriculture.

Overall, the U.S. organic fertilizer market is facing huge opportunities and challenges. Driven by both science and technology and policy, organic fertilizers will play an increasingly important role in the agricultural field in the United States.

We look forward to seeing more new technologies and applications of organic fertilizers, bringing more possibilities and hope to the development of sustainable agriculture around the world. (Maybe you are interested in our Chicken Manure Pellet Machine

10-15 T/H Chicken Manure Fertilizer

In addition to this 10-15 t/h chicken manure fertilizer production line in USA project, Richi Machinery's organic fertilizer production lines are also exported to Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Lithuania, Germany and other countries.

If you also want to start an organic fertilizer processing business, please contact us to obtain a complete set of chicken manure production line design plans, videos, case site pictures, equipment quotations and other information!

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