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8 T/H organic manure production plant project

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Name:Organic Manure Fertilzier Production Plant
Date:December 2018
Product Type:Powder
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Semi-automatic
Organic Manure Production Plant Cost:700,000 USD

8 T/H organic manure production plant project

Overview of 8 T/H organic manure production plant project

This is an organic manure production plant project with an output of 8 tons per hour, and the project site is Shaanxi Province, China. The project client is an agricultural product processing enterprise.

As a big agricultural country, the prospect of China's bio-organic fertilizer industry is bound to be very good. Therefore, the customer invested 700,000 US dollars to use the customer's existing idle plant for organic fertilizer production, purchase and install an organic fertilizer production line with an annual output of 20,000 tons provided by RICHI, and build new related supporting facilities and equipment.
8 T/H organic manure production plant project

Product solutions

Advantages of processing bio-organic fertilizer

The production of bio-organic fertilizer is an important means of resource utilization of agricultural waste.

Agricultural wastes are rich in nutrient elements and organic nutrients necessary for crop growth, and they can be used as resources to make bio-organic fertilizers, and the organic matter can be mineralized, humified and harmless through the action of microorganisms, so that they can be absorbed and utilized by crops, not only can alleviate the pressure of agricultural waste on the environment, but also can turn waste into wealth and obtain certain economic benefits.
processing bio-organic fertilizer

Construction content of 8 t/h organic manure production plant project

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Raw Materials of 8 t/h organic manure production plant

Raw materials Actual annual consumption source
Livestock and poultry manure 2000t Scale Farm
Mushroom residue 25000t Scale growers
Crop straw 10000t Buy from local farmers
Biological agents 20t Outsourcing
Laminated woven bag 800000 Outsourcing

Energy consumption of 8 t/h organic manure production plant

Energy Actual annual consumption
Water 1500m3
Electricity 122400kwh

Equipment to start 8 t/h organic manure production plant

Equipment name QTY
Computer 1
Loader 2
Raw material crushing and bagging machine 2
Semi-finished Crusher 1
Roller screening machine 1
Mixer 1
Finished product packaging line (including conveying and metering devices) 2
Hydraulic trolley 2
Portable bag sewing machine 4
Laboratory analysis and testing equipment 1
Equipment maintenance tools 1

8 t/h organic manure production plant process design


Material deployment and processing

The key control parameters of the process in this link are moisture control and material regulation and formulation technology. After the material is prepared, it is required that the dry humidity is uniform, the moisture content meets the technical requirements, and the optimal moisture content is controlled at no more than 50%.

Moisture control is particularly critical. When the moisture content (<30%) is too low, it will affect the life activities of microorganisms and cannot meet the growth needs of microorganisms; if the moisture content is too high (>60%), it will hinder ventilation and oxygen supply, resulting in anaerobic fermentation.

The temperature is difficult to rise, the decomposition rate is obviously slowed down, and the decomposing time is prolonged. The C/N ratio of the material is controlled at 25:1, so that the nutrients of microorganisms participating in the decomposition of organic matter are in a balanced state, and the growth and reproduction needs of microorganisms are met.
8 t/h organic manure production plant process design


Tank type high temperature primary fermentation stage

This link of 8 t/h organic manure production plant is carried out in a fermentation tank, and the fermentation period is about 15 days. The comprehensive regulation of its key technical parameters focuses on the control of the fermentation temperature, which directly affects the growth and reproduction of microorganisms.

As a result of the active activity of microorganisms, the temperature can rise to 55-70°C in about 2 days, until it reaches 80°C, and then gradually cool down to reach maturity.

The temperature range of the tank fermentation stage is controlled within the range of 65~70°C. In this temperature range, the mass growth and reproduction of thermophilic bacteria will kill the parasites and pathogenic bacteria in the manure of livestock and poultry to achieve harmless.

Technical requirements, humus begins to form, organic fertilizer reaches initial maturity, and the control parameters are regulated by measures such as microbial oxygen consumption and temperature monitoring.


Secondary fermentation stage

The key technical control point of this link is that the deep aging organic fertilizer fully meets the technical requirements of decomposing, and the cycle is about 30 days.

The undecomposed organic matter in the first fermentation is further decomposed to become relatively fixed organic matter such as humic acid and amino acid, and the product reaches deep maturity. Through facultative anaerobic and aerobic fermentation techniques, the requirements of decomposing are finally met.
organic manure production plant construction


Quality control points

Quality inspection of raw materials, secondary fermentation semi-finished products and finished organic fertilizers before packaging.

The five-point sampling method is used to sample about 200g each time from five different parts, and the total amount of samples is about 1kg for inspection. Only when they meet the product standard requirements can they enter the next biofertilizer production unit process.


Crushing, screening, packaging section

The fermented basic material is sent into the silo by a forklift, first crushed by a pulverizer, and then screened by a drum sieve, and the qualified material after screening is sent into the mixing drum.

According to the formula requirements, 1 kg of 20 billion functional bacteria is added per ton of material to make the bacterial content reach 20 million per gram before packaging and storage. Unqualified product are returned to the fermentation tank for further fermentation and decomposition.

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Waste gas treatment

The 8 t/h organic manure production plant project canteen is only used as a dining room for employees to bring their own meals without cooking.

The waste gas generated by the project is mainly the dust generated during the crushing of bacteria bags, clinker crushing, and packaging; and the odor generated during the composting process.



The clinker after the bacteria package is broken and composted is crushed (organic pulverizer), screened (drum screener) and packed with trace elements in the deep processing area. Dust is generated in this process, and the main pollution factor is particulate matter.

The project is equipped with a bag dust removal device. The dust generated by the pulverizer and the sieving machine is collected by the gas collecting hood, purified by bag dust removal, and then discharged from the 15m high exhaust pipe.
8 TPH organic manure production plant project


Compost odor

The fermentation stack in the production workshop of the 8 t/h organic manure production plant project consists of four fermentation areas with a thickness of about 1.5 meters, a width of 4 meters, and a length of 50 meters. The composting process will produce malodorous gases, and the main pollution factors are ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methyl mercaptan.

The fermentation area of the project is located in the fully sealed steel structure factory building with a length of 103 meters, a width of 22 meters and a height of 6 meters. The odor generated is collected by the ventilation device, treated and purified by the odor treatment facility, and then discharged from the 15-meter-high exhaust pipe. (Find RICHI on Facebook

Noise control

The 8 t/h manure production plant project mainly takes the following measures to reduce the impact of noise on the surrounding environment:
cost to start manure production plant 8 tons per hour

Treatment of solid waste

The solid waste generated by the 8 t/h organic manure production plant project is mainly the defective products, waste packaging materials and household garbage generated during the production process.

8 t/h organic manure production plant

No matter which country you are from, the bio-organic fertilizer processing business is an investment direction that can be considered emphatically.

Bio-organic fertilizer is an important way to improve soil fertility and improve the quality of agricultural products. The original intention of the development and production of bio-organic fertilizers is to integrate the advantages of organic fertilizers and biological fertilizers, which can not only help increase crop yields, but also fertilize the soil, regulate soil micro-ecological balance, reduce the amount of inorganic fertilizers, and fundamentally improve the quality of agricultural products , in line with the direction of global agricultural sustainable development and green agricultural product production.

Richi Machinery independently develops and produces a complete set of 8 t/h manure production plant equipment such as fermentation equipment, drying equipment, crushing equipment, mixing equipment, organic fertilizer pellet machine, cooling equipment, packaging equipment suitable for the production of organic fertilizers and bio-organic fertilizers. 

If you are interested in starting your 8 t/h organic manure production plant and do not know how to configure your organic fertilizer production line with the least cost, you can contact us and we will provide you with the most cost-effective processing solution to help your investment plan go smoothly.

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