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Exported Flat die feed line to Tanzania feed mill for delivery

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his customer in Tanzania purchased a small flat die pellet production line, which is more suitable for small animal feed pellet factories.

Exported Flat die feed line to Tanzania feed mill for delivery
Exported Flat die feed line to Tanzania feed mill for delivery

Small Animal Feed Plant Features

Small Investment

Because of the compact design, these machines require very little space to install.

Low installation cost

Simple procedures are required for the installation of such livestock and poultry feed pelleting plants. All machines can use immediately after the simple installation and connection of mill parts.

Low production cost

Once the entire production plant is completed, the machines need only two or three workers to operate. Fewer workers mean it costs less to run factories. This is a profitable project.

Wide Applications

This small animal feed plant is widely used to produce the pellets for the farm animal and poultry.

Long Time Storage

High particle density, smooth surface, easy to store and transport,it can store for a long time.

Multi Sizes Pellets

The diameter of feed pellets can adjust between 2mm and 8mm (different molds with different diameters can change), and the length can adjust between 5-20mm, which is suitable for different growing periods of animals.

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