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Kazakhstan 20-30 T/H Feed Factory Project Has Been Successfully Commissioned

  • Date: 2024-06-15 15:52:21
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Recently, the 20-30t/h Kazakhstan complete feed factory project undertaken by RICHI Machinery has been successfully commissioned and passed the customer's preliminary acceptance. The production line is about to be put into formal use.

As a subsidiary of a well-known agricultural company, the client company mainly produces feed and provides high-quality feed products and related services to many farmers every year. The investment in a new factory is an important step for the client company to adapt to the feed market.

RICHI Machinery provides a series of equipment and complete engineering solutions, adopting a combination of mature and advanced concepts and customer production conditions, introducing the European process of first batching and then crushing, a double-layer bulk silo storage system for raw materials, and a silo level meter that displays the material status in real time. Finished products are distributed in bulk.

All the animal feed processing machinery supplied is selected from the standardized and complete RICHI product series to achieve automated, intelligent, safe and efficient production. The two feed production lines in the first phase of the factory have a designed capacity of 30 tons/hour, and a second phase capacity of 30 tons/hour is reserved.

Core equipment:

  • Gear type pellet mill
    Gearbox transmission efficiency reaches 99%, higher than other peers; European standard design, strong stability; double-layer insulation door.
  • Double-shaft paddle mixer
    Short mixing cycle; sprocket chain drive, stable operation; double-shaft structure, fast discharge, less residue.
  • Cooler
    Cool materials in all directions, quickly and gently.
  • Rotary grading screen
    Equipped with screen surface cleaning device, high screening efficiency, low energy consumption and easy maintenance
  • ...

RICHI Machinery provides design, installation and commissioning services for feeding, batching, crushing, mixing, granulation, cooling, finished product packaging, etc. of the entire production line. In addition, it also provides 36 large double-layer batching silos with a single silo capacity of 180 cubic meters, 12 premix silos, 14 bucket elevators and other supporting equipment.

The entire project has gone through hundreds of processes from business opportunity establishment to project commissioning and acceptance. RICHI Machinery arranges senior technical product experts, engineering management team, business managers and after-sales service members to provide full-process services to provide high-standard guarantees for Kazakhstan feed projects.

Since its establishment in 1905, RICHI Machinery has gradually grown in size. In 2015, RICHI further expanded its feed technology product line, designing and building feed and biomass plant projects worldwide, and providing stand-alone equipment and after-sales services.

Backed by advanced technology, RICHI has achieved good results in engineering, installation, startup and commissioning, and after-sales accessories and services, and has flourished in the feed industry market.

Although the road is long, it will be reached if you keep going. As a leader in the feed equipment industry, RICHI is willing to use its professional knowledge, experience and trustworthy services to continuously work hard to provide customers with better and better products and jointly create a better future for the feed industry!

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