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RICHI cooperates with Japan company again to provide new impetus for expanding the organic fertilizer processing market

  • Date: 2024-04-01 16:33:06
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With the improvement of people's living standards, safe and pollution-free organic and green food are becoming more and more popular. This has also led to the development of modern ecological agriculture, because only ecological agriculture can produce ecological food.

Japan, as one of the three largest organic food production and consumption regions in the world, has begun to explore the operation model of organic agriculture since the 1950s and 1960s, of which the application of organic fertilizers is the most critical link.

Japanese farmers use a large amount of organic fertilizers in the production process of agricultural products. This can not only turn waste into treasure and solve the problem of breeding manure pollution; it can also improve the soil and improve the quality of agricultural products.

Japan organic fertilizer production line project

Nowadays, Japan's organic fertilizer usage ratio is as high as 76%, and the market prospects are broad.

In order to further expand the categories of organic fertilizer processing and expand market share, the client of this project, an organic fertilizer processing company that has maintained a close cooperative relationship with RICHI for a long time, once again joined hands with RICHI to expand the Japanese chicken manure, pig manure, and cow manure granular fertilizer market.

The client of this project is a well-known engineering company in Japan, which has engineering design and construction qualifications and specializes in designing and building small organic fertilizer production lines for major farms. The first granulator chosen by the customer was manufactured by RICHI.

Its stable and reliable equipment performance has effectively improved the quality of fertilizers and crop planting efficiency for customers, and has won high recognition from customers. Over the years, they have chosen to cooperate with RICHI.

At the beginning of 2024, the customer once again joined hands with RICHI to build a stable and efficient chicken manure pelleting production line for a local farm in Japan. The production line will be completed and commissioned in mid-June.

Most of Japan's chicken manure organic fertilizer production uses pure chicken manure, and no other compound fertilizers are added. Chicken houses in chicken farms are equipped with chicken manure air-drying equipment.

Each layer of chicken cages has air ducts. The moisture of chicken manure coming out of the chicken house is about 60-65%. After fermentation in the fermentation tank, the moisture is further reduced to 30%, and then placed After a while, it can be used for granulation.

The entire organic fertilizer production line is equipped with a RICHI MZLH Organic Fertilizer Pellet Machine. The granular fertilizer produced has good color, good hardness, and uniform length. Users are quite satisfied with the finished product. According to customer feedback, new cooperation with RICHI will be launched in the near future.

In addition, the company has also begun to negotiate with pig farms and cattle farms, and plans to expand organic fertilizer processing to pig manure and cow manure pelleting. The support of RICHI's professional organic fertilizer equipment will be a great help to promote their development.

Currently, the significant increase in the proportion of organic fertilizer use is a global trend. RICHI Machinery, as the industry's leading organic fertilizer engineering system solution provider, has been committed to solving pain points and difficult problems in the organic fertilizer industry for many years, helping major fertilizer manufacturers win market opportunities driven by new policies.

The above is the article for you: RICHI cooperates with Japan company again to provide new impetus for expanding the organic fertilizer processing market.

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