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Pig Feed Pellet Production Line With an Annual Output of 445,000 Tons

  • Date: 2020-12-23 08:32:57
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The pig feed pellet production line project with an annual output of 445,000 tons is calculated to be a pig feed pellet production line project with a monthly output of 1350 tons, which is a large-scale high-end pig feed pellet production line project of 80 tons/hour. The main raw materials of pig feed are wheat, corn, soybean meal and other ingredients. The equipment for this project is mainly various types of feed processing equipment, all of which are designed, manufactured and supplied by professional manufacturers.

Pig Feed Pellet Production Line
Pig Feed Pellet Production Line

Table 1 Main production equipment of pellets

Section and serial number
Design equipment model
One. Workshop feeding    
1 Automatic unpacking system   1
2 Feeding port   1
3 Scraper conveyor LLCA100 1
4 Powder cleaning screen SQLZ90 4
5 Drum magnetic separator DFRT-500/650 5
6 Vibrating screen MTRC-150/200 1
7 Buffer bucket   1
8 Rotary distributor AHPX4*300 1
9 Autosampler SQYX450 1
10 Primary cleaning of pellets AHCY95 3
11 Ton bag system   1
12 Feeding port vibrating screen AHFZ75 1
Two. Crushing section      
13 Leveler SE130 6
14 Vertical crusher AHZK2 3
15 Feeder AHLY980 1
16 grinder AHZC06120 4
silencer φ600 1
Fan 6-30-7C 1
18 Rotary distributor AHPX6*300 1
19 Shark Tooth Crusher MC300 3
20 Feeder AHLY980 1
21 grinder AHZC06120 2
22 Settlement chamber   1
23 Fan MKV-012 1
Three, batching section      
24 Leveler SE130 twenty four
25 Ingredients warehouse 1000m³/24 5
26 Leveler SE110 twenty four
27 Batching scale PLCD-20 10
Four, mixing section    
28 Leveler SE130 13
Ingredients warehouse 30m³/3 15
Ingredients warehouse 56m³/10 10
30 Leveler SE110 13
31 Batching scale pulse AHMY1 1
32 Cache bin 1m³ 1
33 Leveler SE130 1
34 Check sieve AHHX900A 1
35 Permanent magnet cylinder TCXT40 5
36 Scraper conveyor AHKG200 2
Five, Feed Pellet Machine section      
37 Leveler SE130 10
38 Pig Feed Pellet Machine SZLH 5
39 Steam system   5
40 Cooler AHLB28*28 5
41 Scraper conveyor AHKA50 5
Six, packing section      
42 Leveler SE130 30
43 Finished product warehouse   4
44 Mobile bulk scale   1
45 Double bucket packing scale   1
46 Sewing bag conveyor    
47 Sewing bag conveyor    
Full section
48 Various types of fans   69
49 Equipment supporting pulse dust collector   77

Process flow of pig feed pellet production line

Pellet production process

(1) Raw material receiving and cleaning section: the raw materials that do not need to be crushed are input from the auxiliary feed port, and the debris and bulk materials are removed through the fence, and then transported through the conveyor and elevator to the primary cleaning screen to remove the ropes and larger pieces. The raw materials enter the magnetic separator to remove the metal debris, and then enter the batching warehouse, waiting for the batching, and the dust generated by the feeding enters the bag dust removal system for negative pressure dust removal. The raw materials that need to be crushed pass through the fence to remove the debris, and are sent to the primary cleaning screen by the hoist to remove the ropes, labels and other debris, and then the iron impurities are removed by the permanent magnet cylinder and then enter the warehouse to be crushed.

(2) Crushing section: the raw materials after magnetic separation enter the crusher, and the screens are selected according to the requirements of different product crushing fineness. The material first enters the feeding auger, and the feeding speed of the feeding auger is controlled by the inverter. The material passes through the feeding auger and enters the crusher for high-speed crushing. This process will generate a lot of heat and dust. This process uses a pulse dust removal system and adopts the negative pressure generated by a high-speed fan to make the crushed materials quickly pass through the screen of the crusher, which solves the heat and dust problems generated by crushing. The crushed materials pass through conveyors and elevators to the warehouse for ingredients.

(3) Batching and mixing section: The crushed materials and the raw materials that do not need to be crushed are sent to the batching process together. The batching adopts the automatic control system to carry out precision batching according to two proportions, and the liquid adding system adds soybean oil to the batching. The prepared material enters the granulating section through the conveyor and elevator.

(4) Granulation section: The materials from the mixing section are heated to 85°C by high-temperature steam for gelatinization, and then enter the granulator for granulation. The prepared teaching trough material particles enter the countercurrent cooling tower for exhaust air cooling, and the cooled particles enter the conveyor and elevator to the finished product warehouse.

Pig and pig feed

(5) Finished product packing section: an electronic packing scale is installed under the finished product warehouse, and the packing scale will automatically quantify the packaging according to the adjusted and set amount, and then the bag mouth will be sewn by the sewing machine and automatically transported to the stacker to complete the processing process.

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