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General Contracting Process Of Wood Pellet Production Line

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The turnkey project of the wood pellet production line is also called the general contract of the production line. Output range: 1t/h-100t/h, Richi Machinery can serve you during the whole process of preparing to build a wood pellet production line to the pellet plant to start working. The turnkey project provided by Richi Machinery includes the following processes:

wood pellet plant construction
wood pellet plant construction

The wood Pellet Production Line Feasibility Study

The feasibility study of wood pellet plant is the first thing you have to do when you try to start a wood pellet manufacture business. A wood pellet Production Line feasibility study consists of the most valuable information the pellet plant investors may need. Normally, the feasibility study includes the pellet fuel market overview, the available feedstocks, economic viability, the policy support and the potential mill sites. All these information can help you get a clear idea about your pellet plant and the market you supply.

wood Pellet Production Line Design

The wood pellet plant design is one of the most important services in the wood pellet plant consultant. In this step, the consultant company will give the pellet plant investors several specific design schemes based on the capital fund, the capacity, the raw materials, and so on. Never underestimate the importance of wood pellet plant design. The high efficient pellet plant design is based on your own situation and consists of the most suitable wood pellet equipments combination, which makes every penny of your capital fund well spent. On the contrary, the low efficient wood pellet plant design may cause many issues, such as high energy consumption, low utilizing ratio of wood pellet machines, etc. At best, these bad influencer will enhance your payback period, at worst, they may cause the mechanical fault and the financial failure of the wood pellet plant.

wood Pellet Production Line Design
wood Pellet Production Line Design

wood Pellet Production Line Engineering

The wood pellet plant engineering is a part of the pellet plant consultant service that gives you the personal pellet plant solutions. During the stage, the most appeal part is that the engineers will help realize your personal desire about the machines in your pellet plant, maybe it is a specific capacity, maybe it is a customized circuit, maybe it is a machine with several functions.

Purchasing Equipment for wood Pellet Production Line

Procurement of wood pellet production line equipment, the main equipment includes slicer, hammer mill, dryer,wood pellet machine, cooler, vibrating screen, etc.All production line equipment will be customized and produced by the granulator manufacturer, and then shipped to the project for installation and commissioning.

wood pellet mill
wood pellet mill

Pellet Production Line Construction Management

The engineers of the wood pellet plant consulting providers will offer an on-site supervision during the whole construction period of the wood pellet plant. It can help you find the best way to manage the construction of the facility, especially to balance the capital input, construction schedule and risks.

Debug the wood Pellet Line

When the wood pellet plant mechanical completion is achieved, the wood pellet line must go through the functional testing so the pellet plant can start up. The debugging include two parts, the individual working test and the complete working test. The individual test is used to verify the operation of the machine separately, and the complete working test is to confirm the function of the whole wood pellet line. The debugging service provides an intuitionistic validation of the wood pellet plant operation, which can help you start to run your pellet plant successfully.

After-sales service

When the wood pellet plant start to work, there are many factors that may impact the efficiency of the pellet plant. For example: the types of raw materials, the moisture of raw materials, the drying performance, etc. The engineers will give the pellet plant workers a proper training about the usage of the wood chipper, hammer mill, pellet dryer, pellet mill, pellet cooler, the packing machine and other assistant equipment. As a professional pellet plant solution provider, the long term cooperation is what we value the most, in that case, even the pellet plant has been operated for quite a time, you can still reach Richi to get the operation advise.

If customers want to save trouble, they can turn to Richi Machinery for custom turnkey projects. Professional things are handed over to professional people, users are more at ease!

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From Order To Delivery

Checking Order

With the sales contract, the order tracking clerk checks the models and quantities of each machine and spare parts.

Quality Test Before Delivery

Upon completion of the manufacturing of equipment, tthe quality inspector strictly checks quality of every machine with the checklist.

Check Items When Packing

Before packaging and shipment, the order tracking clerk checks the packaged items again with the packing list to avoid loss of items.

Sign the contract

Adopting international common standards for accurate design of product packaging, prevent product damage rate and the effective use of transport tools, which ensure the perfect delivery of products.

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