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Effect of using inferior ring die on pellet mill

  • Date: 2020-04-03 09:01:47
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At present, due to the popularity of feed enterprises and the increase in the production of pellet feed, the demand for pellet mold ring die has also increased. Therefore, the ring die of poor quality produced by some small manufacturers have also flowed into the market, and some feed production units have been attracted by their low prices. However, it should be noted that such inferior ring die have rough processing, low service life, and it is important to follow the accuracy Disadvantages such as low, poor concentricity, large runout on the ring die face. If the ring die is used for a long time in the granulator, the service life of the granulator will be greatly shortened.

Richi feed pellet mill
Richi feed pellet mill

According to a recent investigation by our after-sales service department, for units that use non-Richi original ring die, after the granulator is generally operated for several months, the parts of the parts will wear to varying degrees, and the frequency of bearing damage is high, and the oil seal leaks. Seriously, the main machine often fails, resulting in unstable granulator operation and low production capacity. This is actually like a cottage phone currently on the market. Although the price is only one-third of that of a brand-name phone, it hurts people ’s mind by more than five times. The reason is the same.

Why is it that using inferior ring mode will How to shorten the life of the granulator? The price / performance ratio is not good for many reasons.

1. Inferior ring die pursue low sales prices, so it has certain limitations in the selection of billets. It is impossible to choose high-quality materials, and only low-quality and low-cost steel billets can be used as raw materials. The molecular structure of this billet is not tight, and its toughness is not high enough. To the requirements, the degree of wear resistance is poor, the ring die made of this billet has a short service life and is easy to crack. Such selection of ring die not only wastes the company's capital investment for frequent mold replacement, but also has a serious production safety hazard.

2. The equipment in the production of inferior ring die is rough, and it is impossible to have the accuracy such as solving the inner and outer circles in Richi ring die processing. At present, most ring die manufacturers use old-fashioned lathes in the finishing of ring die. The equipment is relatively old and the processing accuracy can not meet the requirements. In addition, the ring die manufacturing itself is imitation, and the accuracy of the main mating surfaces It is difficult to ensure the accuracy with the processing size. Like the joint surface of the ring die and the hoop, as long as there are more than a dozen silk errors in the processing, the hoop cannot hold the ring die tightly, causing the ring die to shake and friction during the high-speed operation of the granulator. The hoop and the idler transmission wheel were damaged at the same time, and the body was vibrated.

High-quality ring die

3. Feed pellet machine ring die hole processing technology is very particular about. For example, Richi ring die drilling equipment is made by imported gun drills. It has the advantages of neatly arranged die holes and smooth hole walls like mirrors. However, most of the inferior ring die holes are processed manually with small drilling machines. The inner wall of the hole is rough and ribbed. The compression ratio of the ring die is different, which makes it difficult to discharge the ring die. It is easy to block the die and block the machine, which increases the power consumption. The production capacity is reduced, the appearance of the pellets is not smooth, and the length of the finished material is uneven. Especially when the machine is blocked, the temperature in the extrusion cavity of the ring die rises quickly, which easily burns out the pressure roller bearing and the spindle bearing, and increases the work load. Granulators' gears wear quickly.

4. Ring die quenching process is an important part of ring die manufacturing. Richi ring die quenching process is very particular about it. All of them use American vacuum quenching furnace and Japanese multi-purpose quenching furnace. At present, it is difficult for small-scale ring die production plants to have these advanced equipment. Generally, the earth-type furnace quenching is used. This equipment cannot automatically control the temperature of the ring die quenching, resulting in inconsistency in hardness between the surface and the surface after quenching, and the deformation coefficient. Larger, the ring die is easily out of round. During operation of the pelletizer using this ring die, the pressure roller will frequently hit the ring die, which will increase the vibration noise of the pelletizer, which is also important for the damage of the main shaft and the empty shaft. Factors, once the bearings of the main shaft and the empty shaft are damaged or the inner and outer rings are run, the main shaft and the empty shaft may be scrapped. If the bearing holes of the main body box are worn, not only will the granulator work weakly, the output will be significantly reduced, and it will also cause the Granulator does not work properly.

5. Because the processing of inferior ring die is mostly imitation, its processing accuracy cannot be controlled, and various aspects of error accumulation. If such ring die are used for a long time, the normal operation of the granulator will be seriously affected, and it will not be able to reach the system. Granulator is safe, high-yield and low-consumption. Take a good account. Although the inferior ring die is currently used at a lower purchase price, if the granulator often fails, parts and bearings are frequently replaced, output is reduced, power consumption is increased, and manpower is wasted, it will affect the economic benefits of the company Impact, in order to make your granulator achieve the goals of high product quality, high output, low power consumption, and production safety during the feed production process, and to give full play to the working efficiency of the granulator, we recommend that you choose the ring die of the granulator. It is better to use the original standard high-quality ring die.

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