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Choose the right feed pellet machine according to the output

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Choose the right feed pellet machine according to the output. Customers want to buy feed pellets with the opportunity to consider many issues. However, as a professional manufacturer of feed pellet machines, we want to tell customers that they must buy the right pellet machine according to the output of their own farm. If the output they want to make is unclear, they must be verified before selecting a pellet machine. Here is a brief introduction for you.

1. Calculate how much feed you need each day.

Breeding plant or feed mill plant must first figure out the amount of feed needed each day. For example: if your daily feed consumption is 8 tons. That is based on the feed pellet machine working 8 hours a day. You must choose at least a feed pellet machine with an output of 1 ton. Only in this way can we meet the increasing demand in the future, and at the same time we can meet the demand at this stage.

Choose the right feed pellet machine according to the output
Choose the right feed pellet machine according to the output

2. the output of feed hammer mill

The output of the selected feed pellet machine is slightly smaller than the output of the feed grinder. You can also inform your sales staff of the situation and they will choose the feed pellet machine that is suitable for you. Because if the output of the feed pellet machine is greater than the output of the powder crushing, there will be a shortage of supply, which will also delay our production output. Therefore, the output of the pulverizer is preferably larger than that of the granulator.

3. the output of feed pellet machine should be surplus

For different materials, the output of feed pellets is not the same. The actual output value of the feed pellet machine still depends on what kind of raw materials you use. The best way is to carry out experiments with the raw materials in the factory, that is, you can see the molding ability of the equipment, and also understand the actual output of your own raw materials.

The above is the article for you: Choose the right feed pellet machine according to the output. If you are interested in our products or project solutions, please contact us. We will give you the best product quality and the best price. Email:

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