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Benefit analysis of animal feed pellet machine for upstream and downstream enterprises

  • Date: 2020-03-05 09:02:20
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Now it's spring 2020. As the weather picks up, the farmers' spring is coming. For users who have used feed pellet machine, the advantages of feed pellet machine are obvious. Those who have used it say yes. The advantages of feed pellet machine are also one of the most frequently asked questions by farmers. Today we will analyze in detail the upstream and downstream of the feed pellet machine and the benefit analysis brought by the feed pellet machine to production.

Upstream industry of animal feed pellet machine-raw material problem

The granulator is very rich in raw material. If it is a large agricultural and forestry country with rich agricultural and forestry resources, there are many types, large quantities, good quality, and convenient collection, it can be converted and utilized. Agricultural and forestry wastes such as straw, rice husks, soybean meal, corn cob, peanut husks, straws, tree bark, etc., are natural organic matter and are good for recycling.

Midstream Industry of Animal Feed Granulator-Feed Factory

Feed mills are the midstream industry of pellet mills. Here feed mills purchase feed pellet mill equipment to process the raw material into pellet and then sell them to farm. Now the competition in feed mills is becoming more and more fierce, and high-quality feed has become the first choice for farmers!

Benefit analysis of animal feed pellet machine for upstream and downstream enterprises
Benefit analysis of animal feed pellet machine for upstream and downstream enterprises

Downstream industry of animal feed pellet machine-breeding owners

The position of animal husbandry in the development process is indispensable. The important position of the animal husbandry industry is reflected in the supply of animal products, food quality and safety, ecological and environmental safety, and the increase in income of farmers and herdsmen. With the rise of people's consumption levels, food safety issues have become more and more important, and meat residues exceed the standard. Both domestic and international markets have a distrustful attitude towards meat. There was a problem with feed formulations, and the adulterated feed market was rampant. There have been news exposures of adulterated feeds, and the feed is heavily doped with sand or a lot of low-cost feed. Seriously harmed the interests of farmers. With the popularization of feed pellet machine and the support of national policies for new energy sources, farmers are preparing their own feeds, from raw material to formulas, and mastering their own production.

Benefit analysis of animal feed pellet machine

1. Save labor, artificially prepare mixed feed for sheep, generally one worker can feed 28 goats. 57%。 After feeding pellet, due to the time saved on ingredients, one worker can feed 36 goats, improving labor efficiency 28.57%.

2. Provincial feed, sheep feed powdery feed, easy to throw, easy to make sheep picky, feed flying when windy, causing waste, feed utilization rate is only 92%. After the feed was changed, the sheep could not be picky, the feed utilization rate could reach 99%, and the feed utilization rate could be increased by 7%.

3. Organic waste from agriculture and forestry has good palatability. After processing, the feed can increase aroma, stimulate appetite of goats, increase feed intake, and improve feed digestibility.

4. Promote sheep growth and development Because the processed pellet have a smooth surface, high hardness, and deep maturity, sheep like to eat. Allow chewing, high digestion and utilization, and promote sheep growth and development.

5. Long storage time The powdery feed itself has a moisture content of about 15%, and it is easy to absorb moisture, deteriorate, and agglomerate, and it is worth feeding. After the powdered feed is processed into pellet, part of the water is lost. The moisture content of the processed pellet is about 13%, which meets the requirements of the standards. Under good storage conditions, the pellet can generally be stored for 3-4 months without deterioration. It takes 2-3 months for the feed.

The above is the article for you: Benefit analysis of animal feed pellet machine for upstream and downstream enterprises.

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