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How long is the service life of pellet machine ring die?

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We know that any kind of equipment has a service life, and the ring die of a pellet machine also has a service life. How long is the service life of pellet machine ring die?

1.The quality of pellet machine ring die

The quality of the ring die of the pellet machine is also good and ordinary. The service life of the ring die of the pellet machine is usually calculated by the weight of the processed material. The life of the ring die of general quality is about 3,000 tons, which means that the pellet machine basically ends its life after producing 3,000 tons of pellet; the best-quality ring die has a life of about 7,000 tons. Therefore, there is a certain reason for the high price of the equipment when the price is one cent. But usually pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance can extend the life of the ring die.

How long is the service life of pellet machine ring die?

2. The intensity of market competition

The competition in the feed industry is different in different countries and the requirements for feed are different. If you feel that your market is still acceptable, then this ring mold can always be used. China's domestic feed industry is highly competitive. Under normal circumstances, ring molds will be replaced in three months to ensure the hardness of the feed.

For example, a Uzbekistan customer of our Richi Machinery has used a ring die for more than half a year and is still using it.

pellet machine ring die
pellet machine ring die

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