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How to Design a Feed Production Line or Build a New Feed Factory?

  • Date: 2021-01-11 08:40:14
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1. Determine the processing scale of the feed plant

batching mixing system
batching mixing system

Based on the batching mixing system:

Single shift production: Mixing capacity per batch of mixer (tons/batch) x batches/hour x 8 hours x 250 days = annual shift output

Example: 1 ton/batch x 10 batches x 8 hours x 250 days = 20,000 tons per year

1 ton/batch x 15 batches/hour x 8 hours x 250 days = 30,000 tons/annual shift

Design: Annual output = annual shift output X3

2. Determine the feed processing technology and select related equipment

● The variety, quality, and output requirements of the produced (finished) products;

● Formula for feed processing;

●Production technology and equipment;

●The performance and quality of the equipment;

●Cleaning and maintenance of equipment;

●Production cost and usage cost;

●Standardization, serialization and generalization of parts;

●The construction space of the project;

●Environmental protection, fire protection and other national rigid requirements.

3. Selection of control mode

● Capacity

●Complex and simple process

●How many product varieties

4. Selection of plant structure

plant structure
plant structure

●Full concrete structure

●Semi-steel structure

●All steel structure

●Slip mode structure

5. Planning the general layout of the factory


●Logistics distance

●Safety regulations

●Avoid mutual interference

●Factory focus

●Visual effects

The overall layout of the feed factory varies according to the production nature, scale and technological process of the feed factory. usually:

●Buildings should account for 30-35% of the total area of ​​the factory

●Factory roads account for 13% of the total area

●The green area is not less than 10-15% of the whole plant area

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