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What are the factors affecting the durability of pellet feed?

  • Date: 2020-04-01 08:49:07
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What are the factors affecting the durability of pellet feed? Feed pelleting can be defined as the conversion of finely pulverized powdered feed into high-density, flowable pellet or capsule feed. The production process includes steam injection (moisture and heat) and mechanical pressure.In order to realize these advantages, the durability of the particles must be up to the standard (not too much powder), otherwise the growth performance will be reduced.

What are the factors affecting the durability of pellet feed
What are the factors affecting the durability of pellet feed

What are the factors affecting the durability of pellet feed?

Of course, in the process of using feed processing machinery for production operations. The contribution rate of various raw material components in the formula to the durability of the entire pellet is different. In general, the larger the particle mass coefficient of the raw material, the stronger the pellets made, the higher the durability of the particles. For example, bentonite and lignin have higher PQF, so they often used as binders.

Similarly, if the PQF in the raw material is low, or even negative. It means that the more fat-like raw material components are. Therefore, the pellets made through the feed pellet machine are relatively loose at this time, and the durability of the feed pellets is also worse. Therefore, when formulating, we must consider not only the nutritional requirements but also the quality of the granules produced.

Effect Of Protein On Durability Of Feed Pellets

The prepared feed pellets not only have a beautiful surface quality but also can achieve a high degree of compactness after cooling. In addition, in the production process of feed processing machinery, protein is also the main nutritional component in the feed, which also has an important impact on the durability of the feed.

Animals eating pellets
Animals eating pellets

Effect Of Starch On Durability Of Feed Pellets

In addition, the nutrients contained in the selected raw materials, their content, and the source will affect the durability of the feed pellets to varying degrees. Usually, the main ingredient in feed is starch, and raw starch is not easy to granulate, the granules obtained generally relatively loose. However, during the operation of feed processing machinery. If hot water used for gelatinization, the pelleting performance can greatly improve.

In general, during the production of feed pellet production line machinery, the actual durability of the feed pellets produced is often affected by multiple factors. Moreover, the durability index is not as high as possible, and a balance point should find between the purchase cost of raw materials, processing cost, and meeting actual needs according to the type of feed produced.

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