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What causes the shaking of MZLH420 wood pellet machine?

  • Date: 2020-02-14 09:02:00
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The empty shaft of the MZLH420 wood pellet machine follows the main shaft clockwise and smoothly and regularly, which does not affect the output and the current is stable. What is the reason for this?

The main shaft shaking of the wood pellet machine are related to the concentricity of the wood pellet machine. A normal concentricity of less than 0.05 is normal. If the concentricity is too large, although the current equipment is operating normally, the life of the wood pellet machine will be affected sooner or later.

MZLH420 wood pellet machine

There are several reasons for the main shaft shaking of the wood pellet machine:

(1) The tail of the spindle is not tightened or tightened;

(2) The clearance between the main shaft spline and the spline seat of the model 350 and above is large, and the clearance between the key slot at the tail of the main shaft of the model 32 and below and the drive shaft, and the key slot of the safety pin seat is large;

(3) The clearance between safety pin and safety pin sleeve, safety pin sleeve and safety pin seat is large;

(4) Deformation or bearing wear of the spindle bearing fence;

(5) The out-of-roundness of the hole in the ring mold is too large ≥ 0.30;

(6) uneven adjustment of gap between two pressure rollers, etc .

What causes the shaking of MZLH420 wood pellet machine?
What causes the shaking of MZLH420 wood pellet machine?


First check whether the main shaft is tightened, first remove the fueling system at the back, remove the main shaft gland, and check whether the butterfly spring is deformed. If the butterfly spring becomes flat, it should be replaced with a new one (the number of butterfly springs and the assembly position should be the same as before the disassembly). Then tighten the locking screw on the main gland and turn on the machine to check if the spindle shakes.

If it still shakes, remove the main gland, pad the main shaft with a copper rod, use a sledgehammer to punch the main shaft toward the ring die, then remove the main shaft sealing cover and check whether the main shaft bearings are intact. If the gap is too large, the bearing should be removed and replaced with a new bearing, and then the main shaft should be locked in order. In the process of installing the spindle, it should be noted that the position of the inner ring of the spindle bearing should be put in the right position before the spindle can be assembled in place. Under normal circumstances, after the assembly is in place, the end faces of the two sides of the main shaft are about 10mm away from the end faces of the transmission wheels. If the spline fit clearance is large, the key slot fit clearance is large, the safety pin fit clearance is large, or the inner wall of the ring die is out of round, etc., the above components must be replaced. After the spindle is installed, open the machine to check the shaking.

After the main shaft is normal, the gap between the pressure roller and the die should be adjusted properly. The distance cannot be adjusted to be large and small. This will easily cause the main shaft to shake, the material will not flow smoothly, and the current will be unstable.

The above is the article for you: What causes the shaking of MZLH420 wood pellet machine?.

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