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How to control the high powder content of poultry feed pellet machine

  • Date: 2020-02-09 09:00:00
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How to control the high powder content of pellets extruded by poultry feed pellet machine.poultry feed pellet machine, which is often referred to as the chicken, duck and goose feed pellet machine, the high powder content of the pressed particles may be caused by many factors, such as formula, material temperature, ring mold ratio, quenching time, pressure Roller teeth and so on.

poultry feed pellet machine
poultry feed pellet machine

So we have to look for reasons in many ways. Generally we can analyze from the following simple points:

1. The first thing we need to consider is the reason for the formula. If the oily raw material is used too much, the machine is useless.

2. If it is not the composition of the raw materials, then you can consider quenching and tempering, whether the tempering temperature is too high, or whiteness is the degree of gelatinization of starch and hydration of protein. Generally speaking, the quenching and tempering is not good, and it is more likely that the particles contain more powder.

3. Whether the wear degree and compression ratio of the ring die of the poultry feed pellet machine are appropriate, if the powder content is too high, you can consider increasing the ring die compression ratio and increasing the crushing fineness.

4. The effect of moisture in pellets is not caused by the general rise of moisture in the season.

The above is the article for you: How to control the high powder content of poultry feed pellet machine.

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