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The Automatic Animal Feed Processing Plant With An Annual Output Of 180,000 Tons Contracted By RICHI Was Completed And Put Into Trial Operation

  • Date: 2022-09-12 14:58:18
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On August 29th, with the formal completion of the trial operation of this pig animal feed processing plant with an annual output of 180,000 tons, it will be able to effectively meet the demand for feed for live pigs raised by customer' company within the county where it is located, and at the same time achieve the goal of 500,000 live pigs on the market for the client company. Provide strong support to promote the high-quality development of the local pig industry.

how to carry out audit of animal feed processing plant animal feed processing plant project proposal

The project customer-Anlong Wen's Livestock Co., Ltd.

In the production workshop of the 180,000 tons per year pig feed processing plant of Anlong Wen's Livestock Co., Ltd., as the commissioning of various animal feed processing equipment is completed, the workers are in their respective positions to carry out feeding, batching, grading and screening operations, and the entire process has reached more than 80% automation.

In the feeding section of this 180,000 tons per year automatic animal feed processing plant, the pellets of corn and soybean meal are self-unloaded with hydraulic flaps and directly enter the large silo. If the feed is fed, there is a part of the raw material warehouse, and more than ten percent of the packaging materials are manually fed, and others are mechanized and automatically transported into the warehouse.

animal feed processing plant in 1000 square meter land 20 tph compound animal poultry cattle & fish feed processing plant machinery and equipment producing both mash and pellets manuf

After the completion of this 180,000 tons per year automatic animal feed processing plant, it has made great contributions to the pig breeding section of the client company. The first is to meet all the pig feed supporting facilities in the local county, the second is to reduce the transportation cost, and the third is to help the client company in the future. To meet the demand for feed for 500,000 pigs on the market each year.

In addition, in terms of the design of the automatic animal feed processing plant, in addition to the high degree of automation in the 180,000 tons per year automatic animal feed processing plant, RICHI engineers can also formulate different feeds according to the different pig breeds, types, and growth stages to meet the different nutritional needs of the pigs, to ensure the quality of live pigs.

animal feed processing plant florida noise impact in animal feed processing plant

It is worth mentioning that the feed produced by the 180,000 tons per year automatic animal feed processing plant is divided into many varieties. The pig feed is divided into suckling pig feed, small pig feed, middle pig feed, large pig feed, and pre-market feed.

In addition, there is special boar feed. And sow feed can be divided into feed before mating, feed after mating, feed before pregnancy, feed after pregnancy, and feed after giving birth.

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Project Background

As one of the "one main and three auxiliary" poverty alleviation industries in Anlong County, Wen's breeding is based on the introduction of China's Guangdong Wen's Food Group Co. "Platform company + family farm + poor households" and adopting the poverty alleviation development model of ex-situ development for the deep stone mountainous areas that do not have the development of the pig industry, in accordance with the "five unification and two guarantees":

Unified planning, unified technical standards, unified swine, feed, and veterinary drugs supply, unified epidemic prevention and breeding management technical service guidance, unified product recycling, one to maintain the employment of willing poor households, one to guarantee the implementation of the profitability of the industry, to create the "13013" poverty alleviation model to help the poor get rid of poverty and increase income.

wadera animal feed processing plant in debre berhan animal feed processing plants in kenya

In 2019, the industry has distributed more than 8 million yuan (1256000USD) in dividends, covering 3256 households with more than 10,000 people.

In order to further extend the industrial chain and improve the effect of industrial poverty alleviation, the client company invested more than 50 million yuan to build a special animal feed processing plant and built two automated animal feed production lines with a designed output of 45 tons per hour and an annual output of about 180,000 tons.

At the same time, There are also 6 corn silos and 8 soybean meal silos, each of which can store 3,500 tons of corn and 200 tons of soybean meal.

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