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Angola 2 Sets 5-7 T/H Feed Production Line and Supporting Silo System Completed

  • Date: 2024-07-05 16:46:38
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The Angola feed production line and supporting storage project independently designed, manufactured and constructed by RICHI has been installed. The project manager and all construction team members have efficiently completed various installation tasks while ensuring safety and quality.

We always take customer needs as our responsibility and strictly implement technical design plans and safety special plans. From equipment quality to construction details, process design to technical support, all aspects have been fully recognized by customers.

Angola 2 Sets 5-7 T/H Feed Production Line and Supporting Silo System Completed

The animal feed production line project is equipped with 2 raw material silos to achieve "large capacity, automation, and intelligence" storage and transportation; it uses a RICHISFSP66×60 water droplet crusher, and the base is integrally milled to ensure the stability of the overall operation and reduce vibration and noise can effectively improve the crushing efficiency; the mixing section adopts a spiral-belt paddle-type feed mixer with paddles for efficient mixing. It has the advantages of fast speed, stable performance, low noise, no dust, and no environmental pollution. The materials are mixed efficiently and uniformly.

During the project construction process, in order to ensure high-quality and efficient completion of construction tasks, concentrate on improving process design and installation quality, and improve on-site safety management levels, RICHI Machinery will continue to provide equipment maintenance and technical support for customers, and create long-term value for customers.

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