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Tanzania 1-2T/H Small Poultry Pallet And Mash Feed Mill With Low Cost

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Name:Animal mash feed and pellet feed line
Date:Feb 3th,2017
Feed Size:Mash feed & 1.5-4mm pellet feed
The install period:15 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):7m*3m*5m
Poultry feed mill plant price:10000-60000 USD

Tanzania 1-2T/H Small Poultry Pallet And Mash Feed Mill With Low Cost

RICHI feed plant and feed machines for sale Tanzania

This 1-2T/H Poultry Feed Ring Die Compress Poultry Mash Feed Mill Machinery Project is designed and built for one of our client in Tanzania, who was planning to start his own poultry feed manufacturing business.

RICHI feed plant and feed machines for sale Tanzania
1-2T/H small scale poultry feed mill project site in Tanzania

As of October 1, 2021, RICHI has exported 8 animal feed production plants and animal feed milling machines to Tanzania, and this 1-2tph poultry feed mill processing plant project to be shared today is our first animal feed production project in Tanzania: 1-2t/h small capacity high return poultry pallet and mash feed mill.

List of animal feed plants and animal feed making machines we have exported to Tanzania

Project Order time
1-2T/H Animal Feed Pelletizing Plant 2017.11.16
500kg Animal feed processing line 2021.06.28
1-2T/H Animal Feed Pellet Mill 2016.8.13
1-2T/H Powder Feed Plant 2016.12.30
3-5T/H Powder Feed And Pellet Feed Plant 2019.3.21
300kg Animal feed pelleting machine 2020.03.20
500KG Animal cattle goat feed production line 2021.08.05
150KG/H Small Floating Fish Feed Plant 2020.09.18
animal feed making machinesRICHI animal feed plant and animal feed manufacturing machines in Tanzania

Overview of customizable easy to use small poultry pellet and mash feed mill in Tanzania

Because Tanzania customer just start feed business, and his budget is very limited. So we customized a design of animal feed processing machine of poultry feed plant to meet his budget, and help this Tanzania customer to start his poultry feed production business.

The Tanzania customer established this small poultry chicken feed mill plant to process powdered feed for laying hens and pellet feed for broilers, but it is mainly used to produce pellet feed. Feed Formulation: Maize, soya, soya cake, sunflower cake, wheat bran, premix, fish meal, soybean oil, bone meal. This project uses a total of 56.13KW of electricity.

customizable easy to use small poultry pellet and mash feed mill in TanzaniaEquipment delivery of customizable 1-2 ton small poultry pellet and mash feed mill Tanzania

We have customized the crushing, mixing, granulating and cooling processes for Tanzania customer's small poultry feed mill. Although the customer's feed is sold to surrounding farms, due to budgetary reasons, the Tanzania customer did not configure packaging equipment for his poultry pellet and mash feed mill, but directly used manual packaging. In addition, when processing powdered feed, manual feeding is also used after the mixing section.

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Chicken feed manufacturing process of 1-2 t/h poultry feed mill plant in Tanzania

  1. Grinding section
    ln this process, a hammer mill is used to grind into powder the raw materials, in order to enhance the pelletizing effect.
  2. Mixing section
    ln order to attain a balanced nutrients supply in the feed, a chicken feed mixer is used to mix the various ingredients together.Chicken feed manufacturing process of the factory price 1-2t/h poultry feed plant in Tanzania
  3. Pelleting&Cooling System
    After using high temperature steam to make raw material curing, the materials will be made to pellet through chicken poultry feed pellet press machine. Then the poultry pellet will be cooled down by pellet cooler.
    A ring die chicken poultry feed pellet making machine is way more efficient as compared to a flat die feed pelletizer machine. This is also because a ring die type chicken feed pelleting machine is highly suitable for the production of quantity and quality chicken feed pellets. It has an in-built steam collection conditioner that mixes an cooks the materials hence providing quality final chicken feed pellets.rational construction small poultry feed mill mixer
    The end product is a feed pellet with high palatability, digestibility and nutrition ready for packing. Pellet feed customization is also available. Since chicken feed contains a lot of fibre, it is adviceable to carry out conditioning by providing direct or indirect moisture to soften the pellets.
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Details of 1-2t/h turn-key poultry pellet and mash feed mill machinery in Tanzania

Small poultry feed mill machinery details
Screw conveyor*TLSS16
Poultry feed mixing machine for sale in China*15-200
Poultry grinder*15-200
Storage bin*1m³
Stainless steel condtioner*TZQ22*180
Poultry pellet making machine*SZLH250
Cooling belt*WLSS50
MCC Control Center; Mimic Control Panel
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How to choose poultry feed mill equipment in Tanzania?

The complete poultry feed mill equipment in Tanzania mainly includes poultry feed pelleting machine, feed pulverizer, feed mixer, feed cooler, feed crusher, feed grading screen, etc. Now that there are more and more feed machine manufacturers, what should we pay attention to when purchasing poultry feed production equipment?


Select poultry feed machine manufacturer

On the one hand, the selection is made according to the scale, after-sales service and price of the poultry feed machine manufacturer. Remember to shop around and not be greedy for small and cheap.


Selection of main poultry feed making machines

  1. The selection of the poultry feed grinder should pay attention to whether the output of the pulverizer and the particle size of the pulverizer meet the requirements, and also pay attention to the parameters such as the number of meshes of the pulverizer and the rotational speed of the pulverizer.
  2. When choosing a poultry feed mixer, pay attention to the suitable output of the feed mixer, which is slightly larger than that of the feed grinder, and also pay attention to the discharge method & transmission method of the poultry feed mixing machine.
  3. When choosing a poultry feed pellet mill, you should pay attention to the feed output, diameter, and whether the operation of the poultry feed pellet machine is simple and reasonable. You should also look at the feed raw materials you produce, choose different pressing rollers and ring dies, and the output is less than 1t/h.

    And users with limited funds can choose the flat die feed pellet machine, but now most poultry feed mills are using the ring die feed pellet making machine, because the ring die production has large output, good quality and high nutritional value. Whether it is for farmers or poultry feed mills, ring die feed pelletizers are definitely the best choice.

    Especially for farmers, if we only look at the initial feed mill equipment cost, how to ensure the effect of livestock and poultry farming? If the feed is good, the breeding effect must be good; if the feed quality is poor, the breeding effect cannot be good. This is a very simple reason.

  4. The effect of the feed counter-flow cooler is obvious, and it is liked by the majority of users. Most of the models on the market are of this type, and the quality of the models on the market is almost the same.
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Building a poultry feed mill in Tanzania

Things to consider when building a poultry feed mill in Tanzania:


Complete poultry feed mill cost

Many other costs involved in the project other than poultry feed mill like boiler, transformer, genset, civil work, taxes, transportation, weigh bridge, ware house, building construction, working capital etc. Hence considering all the costs in the poultry feed mill project report is an essential.



Future trends and concentration of livestock, poultry and other animal production, demand & availability of feed, demand & availability of raw material, grain surplus or deficit area, kind of feed grains grown and fed, future trends in poultry feed potential etc.

Kinds & prices of feeds sold, credit policy of competitors, services offered to customers, share of local market, man power availability & cost , nature of farmers & traders , discount policy, trend of on-farm grinding and mixing.


Poultry feed mill project site

Condition of roads, availability of power, water and manpower, drainage & nature of soil, water level, federal and local regulations for pollution & air quality, attitude of local people and government towards a new poultry feed mill factory, taxation and subsidy rules etc. All these factors must be taken into consideration while selecting a site for poultry feed mill plant.

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Service for poultry feed mill in Tanzania

  1. Richi Machinery provides 1-160t/h poultry chicken feed factory standard process and personalized process for Tanzania customers, general layout planning (including civil engineering planning and design), whole poultry feed plant shape and road, logistics, greening layout, main workshop, warehouse, auxiliary 3D design drawings of the main workshop;
  2. Richi Machinery provides Tanzania poultry feed factory with comprehensive solutions and management, technology and operation training on production, operation, quality, cost and other issues;
  3. Richi Machinery provides the following technical solutions for value-added services for Tanzania feed mill plant to reduce costs, improve quality and create value;
  4. Advanced process technology and transformation and expansion plan of RICHI series feed pulverizers and air network systems with high production capacity, high fineness and low energy consumption;
  5. Advanced process technology and transformation and expansion plan for the RICHI series poultry feed pellet making machine and its steam piping system with high production capacity, emphasis on quality and low energy consumption.
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Facts of Layer Broiler Chicken Feed Production

Today, management of industries involved in chicken feeding can attain maximum benefits and at the same time, save cost. What concernes the chicken farmer all the time is the production of feed that is high in quality and that is easily digestible by their animals. With an objective of providing high quality, easily digestible and nutritionally balanced feed, RICHI Machinery can offer you the best animal feed manufacturing plant solution and cost effective animal feed mill machine.
animal chicken pig small poultry feed mill

Domestic Latest Projects of RICHI Animal Feed Mash Plant/Animal Feed Pellet Plant

Abroad Latest Projects of RICHI Pellet Feed and Mash Feed Plant

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