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10T/H Pet Feed Mill In China

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Name:10T/H Pet Feed Mill In China
Date:December 2022
Capacity:10 Tons Per Hour
Pellet Size:2-6mm
The install period:4 Months
Control Mode:Automatic
Pet Feed Mill Cost:1,000,000 USD

10T/H Pet Feed Mill In China

Origin of 10 t/h pet feed mill in China

This is a combined project of 10 tons per hour pet feed production line and 1.5t/h cat litter production line. Here we mainly introduce you the pet feed processing system of this project.

With the continuous improvement of living standards and the reduction of family size in various countries, keeping pets has become a part of life for more and more people. Pet consumption has also formed a scale, and at the same time it has shown great potential.

The pet market has entered a period of rapid development. The pet food market in many countries has begun to enter a period of vigorous development.

Food is the most important thing for the people, and similarly, peripheral consumption in the pet market is mainly concentrated in pet food consumption.
10 tph pet feed mill in China

Therefore, the pet food market in various countries has also become a sales market that major domestic and foreign food manufacturers must compete for.

In this background, the client company uses the existing two factory buildings (1# factory building, 3# factory building) to build a pet feed and cat litter factory construction project.

The 10 t/h pet feed mill in China project uses corn, fish meal, chicken meal, beef meal, etc. as raw materials. After crushing, mixing, extrusion, drying, spraying and other processes, it has an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of pet feed and 3,120 tons of cat litter.

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Construction Content of 10 t/h pet feed mill in China

According to the functions of each unit, the pet feed production line construction content can be divided into main works, auxiliary works, public works and environmental protection works.

Public works


Water supply system

The production and domestic water of this 10 t/h pet feed mill in China project are connected by municipal pipelines.


Drainage system

The drainage of this project adopts the diversion system, that is, the rainwater and sewage are discharged separately, and the rainwater is collected by the rainwater pipes in the plant area and then discharged into the nearby municipal rainwater pipes.
pet feed factory site


Power supply

The power supply of the project is drawn from the power distribution room of the company.



The whole room in the production area is ventilated 3 times/h, the roof exhaust fan is installed on the roof of the workshop to exhaust the air, and the doors and windows of the workshop are responsible for supplementing the air; the bathroom is equipped with mechanical exhaust, 15 times/h.


Natural gas system

The boiler room needs to provide natural gas. The natural gas consumption of the whole pet feed plant is 874,000 Nm³/a, and the boiler runs all year round.

A floor-standing gas pressure regulating box with a rated capacity of 2500Nm³/h is installed in the green belt near the gate guard of the factory area, and 0.3MPa municipal gas is introduced into the factory area, and the pressure is adjusted to about 15kPa (relative pressure) by the pressure regulating box.

The boiler room can directly use this pressure natural gas.

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Pet Feed Mill Floor Plan

This 10 t/h pet feed mill in China project utilizes the 1# and 3# factory buildings that have been built.

  • The 1# factory building is equipped with an extruded grain production line (including enzymatic hydrolysis process), as well as the corresponding raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse, etc.;
  • The 3# factory building is equipped with a cat litter production line, and the corresponding raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse. 3# plant is located on the south side of 1# plant.layout for 10 tph large dog pet feed mill in China

The shape of the land is relatively regular, and the 1# and 3# factories can be divided into three relatively regular functional areas.

The middle part of the land is the production area, the west side of the production area is the finished product storage area, and the east side of the production area is the raw material storage area; All have been constructed. The sewage treatment station is arranged on the west side of the middle of 1# and 3# workshops.

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Labor quota and work system

  • After the 10 t/h pet food production line project is put into production, the labor quota will be 32 people, including management, technical personnel, logistics and workers.
  • After the project is put into operation, the annual work will be 260 days, and the working system will be three shifts, each shift will be 8 hours.

Main equipment of 10 t/h pet feed mill in China

Device Name Model QTY
Bucket elevator TDTG36/23 7
Conveyor auger TLSS20 2
Rotary distributor TFPX6 1
Ingredients auger TWLL20 6
Batching scale PLC500 2
U-shaped scraper conveyor TGSU20 2
Permanent magnetic cylinder TCXT20 2
Ribbon mixer SLHY1.0 1
pneumatic gate TZMQ40X40 3
Feed grinder SWFP66X80 1
Closed air conveying auger TLSSf20 1
Double Shaft High Efficiency Mixer SSHJ1.0 2
Cone powder sieve SCQZ50X60X80 1
Twin-screw extruder FT95 1
Feed dryer ZNGD3000 1
Belt conveyors PD400 1
Powder Adding Machine FTWL0.1 1
Belt conveyors PD500 2
Flap Cooling Vibration Combined Machine SLNF2.5 2
Packing scale GQ-25K 1
Bag packing machine MR8.R200 1
liquid addition system SYZT15 3
Steam system  / 1
Power Systems  / 1
Computer centralized control system ZKXT 1
Cyclone TBLM.6X150 1

Cat litter production line equipment

The cat litter production line equipment mainly includes mills, conveyors, cat litter making machines, screening machines, packaging machines and other equipment. The equipment will not be described in detail here.

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Consumption of main raw and auxiliary materials


Raw materials for 10 t/h pet feed mill in China

  • Fish meal: 1200t/a, high-protein feed raw material after deoiling, dehydrating and crushing fish, brown or brown particles
  • Chicken powder: 7000t/a, yellow-brown granules, made from fresh chicken through a series of processes
  • Beef powder: 850t/a, yellow-brown particles, made from beef through a series of processes
  • Soybean meal: 850t/a, generally in the shape of irregular fragments, the color is light yellow to light brown, and the taste has the aroma of roasted soybeans
  • Rice: 200t/a, crushed rice for feed
  • Corn: 7000t/a, corn for feed
  • Wheat middlings: 500t/a, light yellow, a by-product of wheat processing, mainly composed of fine bran and part of wheat endosperm
  • Alfalfa: 200t/a, the feed obtained by pelleting the dried alfalfa
  • Feed additive: 80t/a, solid material
  • Minerals: 15t/a, salts, solid materials
  • Vitamin: 5t/a, solid material
  • Calcium hydrogen phosphate: 40t/a, white powder, odorless and tasteless
  • Chicken oil: 1600t/a, yellow liquid, barreled
  • Enzymolysis juice: 500t/a, yellow liquid, barreled
  • Chicken: 200t/a, frozen chickenpet flakes

Raw materials for 1.5t/h cat litter production line

  • Montmorillonite: 65t/a: white particles
  • Zeolite: 120t/a: light green or white particles
  • Bentonite: 3500t/a: white or yellow powder
  • Soda: 60t/a: white powder, easily decomposed at high temperature, easily soluble in water

Energy Consumption

  • Water: 2000t/a
  • Electricity: 520,000 kW·h/a
  • Steam: 16000t/a
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Project Process Design Solution

Process flow of 10 t/h pet feed mill in China

  1. Crushing: The raw materials such as fish meal, chicken meal, beef meal, soybean meal and corn are transported to the crusher through the bucket elevator, and the raw materials are crushed.
  2. Ingredients mixing: The crushed raw materials enter different silos through the rotary feeder. According to the production process, different materials are automatically weighed and batched through the PLC batching scale and batching system, and added to the mixing batch according to the ratio requirements.
  3. Extrusion: The mixed material enters the pet food extrusion machine, uses steam to heat and mature the conditioned material, and then extrudes, expands and granulates.
  4. Drying: use the dryer to dry the formed material, and this process uses steam to indirectly provide heat for the feed dryer.
  5. Oil spraying: the dried product is transported to the spraying machine, and sprayed with oil and flavor-enhancing materials.
  6. Cooling and screening: the sprayed material is cooled, and this project uses cold air to cool the material; the cooled material is screened through a screen, and the material that does not meet the product requirements is transported to the pulverizer by the elevator for crushing reuse.
  7. Finished product packaging: The finished product is packaged through a fully automatic packaging system, and the packaged product is stored in the finished product warehouse for sale.machine for 10 tph large dog pet feed mill in China

Process flow of 1.5t/h cat litter production line

  1. Extrusion: In this project, montmorillonite, zeolite, and bentonite are used as raw materials, which are transported to the extruder through a loading and unloading machine, and extruded into a columnar block with a diameter of about 5 cm.
  2. Drying: The extruded mixture generally has a large water content. In order to reduce the water content, drying equipment is used to dry the extruded material to the rotary dryer through the conveyor belt for drying. The heat source is steam. , The water content of the raw material is reduced to about 11%.
  3. Grinding: The dried material is conveyed to the Raymond Mill by a conveyor belt for grinding, and soda auxiliary materials are added at the same time. The Raymond Mill is equipped with a material inlet and a material outlet, and the finished material is blown up by the internal wind. There is a separator inside the Raymond mill, which can separate coarse and fine powder.bentonite cat litter production line
  4. Pelletizing: The qualified powder produced by the Raymond mill feeding port is sent to the powder silo through a closed screw conveyor. During granulation, according to the output, it is transported to the cat litter pellet machine through another screw conveyor for further processing. Granulate.
  5. Drying and screening: The pellets are dried in a drying furnace, and the dried products are screened by a fully enclosed multi-stage screening machine, and unqualified products are recycled for reuse.
  6. Packaging: Qualified products enter the packaging line, which is automated equipment, and the packaged products enter the warehouse for storage.
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Benefit Analysis


Economic benefits

The total investment of this 10 t/h pet feed mill in China project is 1,000,000USD, and the project construction period is 3 months.

After the project is implemented and completed, the financial internal rate of return (after tax) of all investment is 21.0%, the capital internal rate of return is 32.9%, and the investment recovery period ( After taxes) 3.0 years.

The calculation results preliminarily show that the project will achieve better investment returns after completion, the project has a strong ability to resist risks, and is economically feasible.


Social benefits

After the 10 t/h pet feed mill in China project is completed, it will achieve an annual output of 20,000 tons of pet feed and 3,120 tons of cat litter. The production technology of the products is advanced, in line with the industrial development policy, and has broad market prospects.

After the project is completed, it will not only greatly improve the company's industrial and technological advantages, bring good economic benefits to the company, and promote the company to occupy a place in the pet feed industry, but also have a greater influence on promoting the development of the regional economy.large pet feed mill in China

The construction of this project will directly increase the number of laborers by about 32 people, creating more employment opportunities, and making important contributions to solving the employment problem of the country and the locality and alleviating the pressure of social employment.

In addition, after the project is completed, it can drive economic development and employment in the upstream and downstream of the industry, increase fiscal revenue, and promote local economic development.


Environmental benefits

According to the 10 t/h pet feed mill in China project budget, the environmental protection investment of this project is about 300,000 USD, accounting for about 18.1% of the total investment.

It mainly includes exhaust gas treatment devices, waste water collection and treatment, noise control measures (low noise equipment, equipment noise reduction and noise reduction measures, etc.), solid waste collection facilities, etc.

The process links that may cause environmental pollution in this project can be effectively treated by corresponding environmental protection measures, which can greatly reduce the pollution to the surrounding environment.

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