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25T/H Custom Feed Mill in Uganda

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Name:Multifunctional feed pellet production line
Date:December 2020
Pellet Size:0.5-8mm
The install period:13 Months
Control Mode:Automatic
Guiding Price:940,000 USD

25T/H Custom Feed Mill in Uganda

25T/H custom feed mill in Uganda

This is a custom feed mill in Uganda with an output of 25 tons per hour, including two 420 feed production lines ((i.e. 2 livestock and poultry feed lines, both with an annual output of 60,000 tons), used to process common laying hen feed, broiler feed, cattle feed, and sheep feed. This project must have taken nearly 4 years from consultation to signing.

Based on trust in Richi Machinery, the Uganda customer signed an EPC general contract with us. From consultation, solution design, raw material channels, feed formula, to equipment processing, equipment installation, equipment debugging, personnel training, and after-sales tracking, RICHI is always involved in the process of a cattle poultry chicken feed factory from "0" to "1".

After this 25t/h custom feed mill in Uganda project is put into operation, it will bring high-quality feed resources with an annual output of 120,000 tons to Uganda and surrounding countries and regions.
25T/H custom feed mill in Uganda

The designed labor capacity of this 25t/h custom feed mill in Uganda project is 50 people. There is a restaurant and dormitory built in the factory area, of which 25 people live in the factory. The project works 300 days a year and implements a two-shift system, with each shift working for 8 hours.

Construction content

Equipment needed in 25 t/h custom feed mill in Uganda

The following are the main equipment and equipment quantities of the 25t/h custom feed plant in Uganda project:

Name Quantity
Hopper and fence 6
Pulse bag dust collector 4
Fan 4
Bucket elevator 4
Preliminary screening of powder 2
Permanent magnet cylinder 2
Rotary distributor 6
Preliminary screening of granular materials 2
Permanent magnet cylinder 2
Pneumatic tee 2
Bin to be crushed 4
Pneumatic gate 4
Buffer bucket 2
Pulse fan 2
Self-cleaning impeller feeder 1
Crusher 2
Closed air screw conveyor 2
Ingredients warehouse 16
Ingredients scale 2
Flap gate 2
Small material scale 2
Single-shaft paddle high-efficiency mixer 2
Scraper conveyor 2
Finished product inspection screen 2
Permanent magnet cylinder 2
Silo to be granulated 4
Spiral speed feeder 2
Animal feed granulator 2
Air shut-off device 2
Counter flow cooler 2
Cooling fan 2
Cyclone feeder 2
Rotary grading screen 2
Finished product warehouse 4
Finished vibrating screen 2
Air compressor 4
Pulse fan 2
Fat quantitative scale 2
2T/H boiler 1
Liquid addition system 2
Oil storage tank 2
Feed dryer 2
Gas tank 2
Soft water preparation system 1
100 Tons steel warehouse 2
Equipment needed in 25 t/h custom feed mill in Uganda

Raw material and energy consumption of 25t/h custom feed mill in Uganda

Name Consumption(t/a)
Corn 48000
Soybean meal 39000
Wheat 1200
Wheat middlings 6200
Bran 6200
Rapeseed meal 7500
Cotton meal 6300
Fishmeal 4400
Oil, methionine, etc. 1200
Name Consumption
Water 11496 m³/a
Electricity 3 million kWh/a

25T/H Uganda custom feed mill layout

The functional divisions of the factory area of this 25t/h custom feed mill in Uganda project are clear.

The layout of the factory area is simple.

25T/H Uganda custom feed mill layout

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Public works


Water supply

The water used in this 25t/h custom feed mill in Uganda project is supplied by the water supply pipe network in the agglomeration area. The water used in the project is mainly boiler water and domestic water.

  1. Boiler water:
    In this project, 1 ton of feed products requires a maximum consumption of 70kg of steam. The feed output of this project is 120,000 tons/year. The calculation shows that the steam required for this project is 8400t/a and 28t/d. Boiler room water mainly includes steam water and boiler room wastewater. The annual natural gas consumption of this project is 624,000 m3, and the boiler wastewater generation is 846m3/a. Therefore, the water consumption of the boiler room is 30.82m3/d, 9246m3/a.
  2. Domestic water:
    This 25t/h custom feed mill in Uganda project has a working capacity of 50 people, and the water consumption is calculated as 150L/d, then the domestic water consumption of this project is 7.5m3/d (2250m3/a). In summary, the total water consumption of this project is 38.32m3/d, 11496m3/a.


  1. Boiler wastewater:
    It is mainly used to prepare concentrated water from soft water and boiler sewage. The wastewater volume is 2.82m3/d, 846m3/a. After collection, it is used to sprinkle water and suppress dust on the factory area and surrounding roads.
  2. Domestic wastewater:
    If the domestic wastewater volume is calculated as 80% of the water consumption, the domestic wastewater production volume is 6m3/d, 1800m3/a. After being treated by the grease trap + septic tank, it will be cleared regularly by nearby villagers and will not be discharged outside.

Process design of 25 t/h custom feed mill in Uganda

Based on the customer's needs, product type, and factory structure, RICHI set up 2 animal feed pellet production lines for this project, with a single-line production capacity of 60,000 t/a, and the equipment layout of each production line is consistent.


Receipt of raw materials:

The corn and soybean meal purchased by the project are transported to the factory by truck and unloaded in the unloading pit. After pre-treatment (cleaning screen + permanent magnetic cylinder), they are lifted to their respective steel plate silos by bucket elevators.

The project is equipped with 2 steel plate silos, used to store corn and soybean meal respectively. During production, they are transported to the bin to be crushed via a conveyor belt.

The granular raw materials (wheat, bran, etc.) purchased from the 25t/h custom feed mill in Uganda project are manually put in. The feeding port is lifted by a bucket elevator to the primary cleaning screen for cleaning and impurity removal. The impurity-removed granules enter the bin to be crushed.



The granular materials after impurity removal enter the bin to be crushed, and are evenly sent to the crusher through automatic control equipment. The crusher crushes the granular materials to qualified particle size requirements and then lifts them to the batching bin via a bucket elevator.

Powdered materials such as meal and fish meal are lifted into the batching bin through a bucket elevator through the feeding port.



According to the requirements of the feed formula, the raw materials participating in the ingredients enter the mixer from the batching bin through the automatic batching secret seal for mixing. After uniform mixing, they are lifted to the pelleting bin by the bucket elevator. The automatic batching machine has its own metering system.

Each material enters the batching bin through different feeding ports, and then is put into the mixer through a closed pipe through the automatic batching machine. Small ingredients such as amino acids are automatically added to the mixer through the feeding port, and the mixture is evenly.



The pelleting process is one of the complete compound feed production processes. The evenly mixed mixture is lifted into the pelleting bin by a bucket elevator. The mixture enters the animal feed pellet machine through a closed pipe for granulation.

The granulation temperature is 80~90°C. The heat is provided by the steam generated by the gas boiler, and the steam is in direct contact with the material. The pellet size of the granules is 0.5mm~8mm.


Grading and screening:

After the granulation is completed, it enters the counter-flow cooler for cooling and air-drying. After being screened by the vibrating grading screen, the powdery material is returned to the warehouse to be granulated, and the large-granule feed is returned to the animal feed pelletizer for re-granulation.

Qualified pellets are collected by gravity. Under the influence of the closed pipeline, it is sent to the finished product warehouse for temporary storage.



The finished product is automatically packaged after automatic measurement.

Start my custom feed mill in Uganda

Starting 1-100t/h custom feed mill in Uganda

As the customer of this Ugandan project told us during the negotiation: "Uganda has a rigid demand for Chinese machinery and equipment." For more than 60 years, China and Uganda have strengthened cooperation in infrastructure construction, trade, investment, agriculture and other fields, creating conditions for Uganda's economic and social transformation and development.

Starting 1-100t/h custom feed mill in Uganda

In addition to the improvement of breeding technology and the establishment of livestock, poultry and aquatic product sales systems, feed processing is also a link that cannot be ignored for Uganda's agricultural development.

The establishment of this project can produce more high-quality livestock, poultry and aquatic feed, help increase livestock and aquatic product production, achieve commercial development, promote trade and investment, and contribute to Uganda's agricultural development and national economic transformation.

70% of people in Uganda are engaged in agriculture, and animal husbandry has great development prospects. At the same time, Uganda is very rich in aquatic resources, and its fishery resources have a certain foundation.

For Uganda, which has a large number of lakes, increasing fish production is of great significance. Therefore, the development of higher-quality and lower-priced feeds can not only help farmers get rid of poverty and increase their income, but also achieve greater economic and social benefits.

If you are interested in starting a custom feed mill in Uganda, feel free to contact RICHI MACHINERY! We will customize high-quality equipment that best suits your needs at the most reasonable price, so that your animal feed mill machine can run worry-free!

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