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10-12 T/H Laying Hen Chicken Feed Plant in Morocco

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Name:Hen feed plant
Date:April 2022
Feed Size:Mash feed
The install period:30 Days
Control Mode:Semi-automatic
Guiding Price:320,000 USD

10-12 T/H Laying Hen Chicken Feed Plant in Morocco

Project content and scale

In recent years, the feed industry has gradually transformed from a commodity economy to a knowledge economy, and has gradually formed scale and standards. Mixed feed has gradually become the development trend of my country's feed industry due to its multiple nutrients and complete functions.

Against this background, the 10-12 t/h laying hen chicken feed plant in Morocco project client, a Moroccan feed company, invested US$220,000 to build a project with an annual chicken feed production of 30,000 tons. After the chicken feed production line project is put into operation, the annual output of laying hens and chicken feed will be 30,000 tons.

layer hen
  • Annual output: 30,000 tons per year
  • Product plan: chicken feed, 20kg, 40kg, bagged
  • Project nature: New construction
  • Project investment: Total project investment USD 320,000
  • Annual power consumption: 30,000 kW·h. The project's power consumption is provided by the nearby power grid. A 250KVA transformer is installed in the factory, which can meet the production and living power consumption of this project.
  • Annual water consumption: 120t
  • Number of employees: 10
  • Working system: one shift, 8 hours of work per day, 300 days of work per year.

Main construction contents

The 10-12 t/h laying hen chicken feed plant in Morocco project covers an area of 4500m2; the total construction area of the project is 2000m2.

The construction content includes production workshops, dormitories, office areas and supporting facilities. Production equipment is purchased to build a laying hen feed production line. The details of the project buildings are shown in the table below:

Engineering classification project name Construction Content Number of layers
structural work Production area The building area is 420m2, (building facilities with a height of more than 8 meters will be calculated as double-layer building area) and is mainly used for feed processing. 2 layer
Finished product area The construction area is 375m2, mainly used for finished products 1 story
Raw material area Building area 602 m2, used for raw material storage
Auxiliary works office The building area is 210m2, used for daily office work 1 story
dormitory The building area is 393 m2, used for employee rest 1 story

Main raw and auxiliary materials and energy

The consumption of main raw and auxiliary materials for this 10-12 t/h laying hen chicken feed plant in Morocco project is shown in the table below:

Name Annual Consumption Form Storage Location
Corn 15,000 tons Solid Corn granary
Soybean meal 10,000 tons Solid Raw material area
Bran 5000t Solid Raw material area

Main production equipment

The main chicken feed making machines of this 10-12 t/h laying hen chicken feed plant in Morocco is detailed in the table below:

Number Name QTY
1 Chicken feed grinder 2
2 Chicken feed mixer 1
3 Corn granary*500t 2
4 Automatic baling machine 1
5 Bucket elevator 3

Layer chicken mash feed production process

In response to the customer's raw material and product needs, RICHI engineers designed the 10-12 t/h laying hen chicken feed plant in Morocco project as follows:


Corn feeding and feeding process

The purchased corn is transported into the factory by transport vehicles, and then put into the feeding pit and lifted by the elevator to the corn granary for storage.


Raw material storage

The main raw materials of the project, soybean meal and bran, are purchased from outside and packed in bags, and are temporarily stored in the raw material area after entering the chicken feed factory.


Corn crushing

The project corn is crushed by the crusher before entering the mixer for mixing. The corn enters the crusher from the corn granary through closed pipes and conveyor belts for crushing.


Mixing process

Soybean meal and bran are manually transported to the feed inlet, and the crushed corn are measured separately and put into the mixer to mix evenly.


Finished product packaging

The mixed layer feed is packaged by a baler for sale.

10-12T/H chicken feed plant layout

This 10-12 t/h laying hen chicken feed plant in Morocco project covers an area of 4500m2, of which the production workshops are located on the west and south sides of the factory, the raw material area in the workshop is on the south, the finished product area is on the west, the production area is on the southwest, the office is on the north side of the factory, and the dormitory is on the north side of the factory.

The entire poultry feed factory has a reasonable layout, clear functional divisions, smooth transportation, and convenient production management.

Environmental protection measures

For waste gas, waste water, noise and solid waste, the environmentally friendly processes and equipment designed by RICHI engineers for this 10-12 t/h laying hen chicken feed plant in Morocco are as follows:


Exhaust gas

The organized waste gas in this hen feed mill plant project is the particulate matter produced by corn feeding, corn feeding, corn crushing process, soybean meal, bran feeding, and mixing process. The unorganized waste gas is mainly the uncollected particulate matter.

Exhaust gas from corn feeding and corn granary loading

Corn crushing, soybean meal feeding, bran feeding, and waste gas from the mixing process

The total production volume of organized corn crushing, soybean meal feeding, bran feeding and mixing processes in this project is 5.925t/a, the production rate is 2.963kg/h, the production concentration is 493.758mg/m3, and the bag dust collector's processing efficiency is 99% , then the dust emission concentration is 4.94 mg/m3 and the emission rate is 0.03kg/h.

After being processed by the bag dust collector, it is discharged through a 15m high exhaust pipe (2#), and the emission volume is 0.06t/a.

Unorganized exhaust gas

The particulate matter produced in the corn feeding, soybean meal feeding, and bran feeding processes of this 10-12 t/h layer feed plant in Morocco project is collected and processed by the gas collecting hood, but some particulate matter still escapes.

The amount of production is about 0.15t/a, and the production rate is 0.075kg/h. The chicken feed plant in Morocco project has The production workshop is fully enclosed. The closed structure effectively settles dust. Most of the dust settles in the workshop, and a small part escapes. The dust removal efficiency can reach 80%. The dust emission is 0.03t/a.

There is no organized particulate matter in the production workshop. The emission rate is 0.015kg/h, which meets the unorganized emission limit requirements in the "Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants".

Equivalent exhaust pipe

The distance between exhaust pipe #1 and exhaust pipe #2 in this chicken feed plant in Morocco project is less than 30m, so the emission rate of the two exhaust pipes is calculated as equivalent exhaust pipes. According to the equivalent exhaust pipes in the "Comprehensive Emission Standard of Air Pollutants" Regarding parameter calculation, 1# exhaust pipe and 2# exhaust pipe are equivalent a exhaust pipes.

According to the formula, the emission rate of equivalent a exhaust pipe is 0.054kg/h, and the equivalent a exhaust pipe height is 15m. , the emission rate of the equivalent a exhaust pipe meets the emission rate ≤ 3.5kg/h in the "Comprehensive Emission Standards for Air Pollutants".



The wastewater in this 10-12 t/h laying hen chicken feed plant in Morocco project is mainly the domestic sewage of employees. The domestic sewage is mainly the toilet wastewater of employees.

If the production volume is calculated as 80% of domestic water, the volume of sewage produced is 0.32m3/d. The main pollutants are COD, NH3-N, SS, BOD5, the amount of wastewater produced is small and the water quality is simple. It is used for dust suppression on the factory floor.



There are many noise-producing equipment in this poultry feed production line project, mainly including crushers, elevators, mixers, balers, etc., with sound level values between 60 and 85dB (A).

Noise-generating equipment should be given priority to low-noise equipment, reasonably arranged in the factory, and basic vibration reduction. After building sound insulation and distance attenuation, the impact of noise on the outside world can be effectively reduced.

By taking measures such as basic vibration reduction and factory sound insulation to reduce vibration and noise, and then attenuating distance, the noise value of various noisy equipment can be greatly reduced. The reduction amount is more than 25dB(A), and the noise at the factory boundary meets the " "Environmental Noise Emission Standards for Industrial Enterprises at Boundaries".


Solid waste

The solid waste generated by this 10-12 t/h laying hen chicken feed plant in Morocco project is waste packaging bags, dust removal ash and employee domestic waste, etc., all of which are general solid waste.

The waste packaging bag generation is about 1t/a, all of which are sold externally, and the dust removal ash generation is about 7.276t/a. , collected and reused for production. The amount of domestic waste generated by employees is 1.5t/a. After unified collection, it is transported to the landfill designated by the environmental sanitation department for sanitary landfill disposal.

To sum up, the environmental protection measures adopted by this chicken feed plant in Morocco project are as follows:

Exhaust gas Waste gas from corn feeding and feeding processes Bag dust collector (1#) + 15 meter high exhaust stack (1#)
Waste gas from loading process
Corn crushing waste gas Gas collecting hood + bag dust collector (2#) + 15 meter high exhaust pipe (2#)
Soybean meal and bran feeding waste gas
Mixed exhaust gas
Fugitive emissions The workshop is closed and management is strengthened
Wastewater domestic sewage Washing wastewater is used for dust suppression in factory areas
Noise Equipment noise Basic shock absorption, sound insulation and noise reduction, distance attenuation
Solid waste Dust removal Centralized collection and all reused in production
Waste packaging bags All collected and sold outside
domestic waste Centralized collection, regular removal and disposal by local environmental sanitation department

Why start laying hen chicken feed plant in Morocco?

As the global population continues to grow and urbanization accelerates, so does the demand for animal protein. Chicken is one of the most popular meats in the world, so the chicken feed market has broad market prospects. Chicken feed is a necessity and they require a large amount of feed to maintain their growth and production.

Therefore, the development of the chicken feed market is closely related to the production of chicken and eggs. As people's demand for food continues to increase around the world, the production of chicken and eggs is also increasing, which provides a broader market prospect for the chicken feed market.

laying chicken


In addition, the production of chicken feed also requires large quantities of grains and oil crops, so their prices will also be affected by global supply chains. If production of these crops declines or there are disruptions in global supply chains, the price of chicken feed could rise, resulting in greater profits for investors.

In the chicken feed market, a few global players and brands have taken a dominant position, with extensive market shares and strong supply chains.

However, with the economic growth and people's income improvement in emerging markets and developing countries, the demand for chicken and eggs in these markets is also increasing, which provides the chicken feed market with broader market prospects.

Overall, the chicken feed market has broad market prospects and potential, but investors also need to carefully evaluate risks and opportunities. Investors should pay attention to factors such as supply chain, market demand and price fluctuations to develop the best investment strategy.

If you are interested in building a laying hen chicken feed plant in Morocco, contact Richi Machinery to get information about process design, full plant layout, equipment quotation and other information!

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