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Iraq 1-2T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Plant

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Name:Chicken Feed Pellet Line
Date:June 28th,2019
Broiler Feed Pellet Size:1-6mm
The install period:15 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):10m*4m*5m
Chicken feed plant price:10000-50000 USD

Iraq 1-2T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Plant

Overview of poultry feed prodcution industry in Iraq

Iraq has more than 50 feed mills, with their combined feed output totalling 0.75 MMT. Poultry feed production dominates, followed by dairy feed. Iraq Poultry Feed Market is expected to grow during 2020-2026.
Overview of poultry feed prodcution industry in Iraq

Iraq Poultry Feed Market Forecast:

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Why build chicken feed line for poultry feed production in Iraq?

There is a decrease in poultry production in Iraq, broiler producers are facing constraints. A list of 4 of constraints facing poultry producers: production, financial, marketing and institutional, covering 24 constraints was prepared. Production, financial, and marketing constraints had high effect on poultry producers.

High cost of poultry feed, competition from imported birds, price fluctuation, high cost of energy, inappropriate environmental conditions, continuous outage of electricity, high cost of drug and vaccines, high mortality rate, competition of birds from other province, lack of quality feeds, and disease attack were the most severe constraints. It can be seen that poultry feed is the biggest influencing factor.
Why build chicken feed line for poultry feed production in Iraq

In order to reduce feeding costs, the Iraq customer for this 1-2t/h chicken animal feed pellet making plant project chose us, a China animal feed plant manufacturer. In addition to providing a full set of chicken feed production line equipment, we also provided him with comprehensive solutions for broiler feed formulations, scientific broiler feeding, and broiler farm management at various stages.

Richi Machinery is specialize in designing broiler chicken feed manufacturing process, chicken feed machine installation, commissioning and maintaining complete chicken feed mill plant. We also provide customized solutions on feed processing for chicken, cattle, fish, and other livestock animals. We have a vast market for our chicken feed making machines which includes the all continents.

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Overview of cheap price good quality 1-2 t/h chicken feed plant project in Iraq

This factory price chicken feed pellet processing line plant project is a very simple animal feed production line, all the feed produced is used in the customer's broiler farm. The entire poultry chicken feed production line machinery project consumes 40.5KW of electricity and only needs 1-2 people to operate. In this small poultry feed production line project, the raw materials for chicken broiler feed production used by the customer are mainly corn and wheat.

Equipment delivery of 1-2 ton per hour poultry animal feed processing plant in IraqEquipment delivery of 1-2 ton per hour poultry animal feed processing plant in Iraq

The main machine for making chicken feed in this chicken fodder plant project includes 11KW corn grinder for chicken feed, 500KG chicken feed mixer, 22KW chicken feed pellet machine, cooler machine, etc. In order to save the cost of the 1-2t/h chicken feed system production line, the Iraq customer purchased a manual broiler feed production line, which is not highly automated.
1-2T/H small scale chicken feed production line equipment arrives at the customer site

This is not the first time RICHI has exported poultry feed mill machinery to countries in West Asia. In other words, West Asia is one of our main sales areas. Let's take a look at what projects we have done in West Asia (only laetest animal feed plant projects are listed):

Country Projects
Saudi Arabia 10T/H cattle animal pellet feed production plant
Afghanistan 10T/H automatic chicken feed line
SZLH 420 poultry granule feed pellet mill machine
animal poultry feed crushing and mixing equipment
Oman 15T/H large capacity animal feed processing line
Qatar 2TPH computer control feed plant for pigeon+camel
SZLH 350 pellet mill for poultry animal and fish feed
SZLH 350 alfalfa straw grass rice husk pellet making machine
SZLH 250 chicken sheep catle pellet feed machine
United Arab Emirates 500-600kg/h floating fish fodder system 
1-2t/h animal feed compound line
Georgia SZLH 320 animal poultry livestock sheep feed pellet machine
250kg/batch ribbon bird feed mixing machine
Bahrain 100-150kg/h mini animal feed line 500kg/h feed line for chicken
Straw feed machine
Armenia SZLH 508 boiler chicken poultry feed making machinery
Israel 3-5T/H Small scale animal feed plant
Palestine 10T animal livestock horse goat sheep rabbit shrimp feed pellet mill
3-4T/H chicken feed pellet production machine line for poultry feed
Lebanon 1-1.5t/h easy to handle biomass wood pellet production line
Hot Sale Livestock and Poultry Feed Ring Die Pellet Mill
Wholesale animal  floating fish feed pellet machine
Cyprus Small pellet mill machine 1-3 ton per hour

Setup Your Own Chickenl Feed Plant For Broiler Pellet Feed Production In Iraq

To start a customizable easy to use small poultry chicken feed plant to meet your needs, you should know about the most important elements, which are the cost and the broiler feed making machine selection.

Cost analysis of Setting Up Chickenl Feed Manufacturing Plant In Iraq

What's The Cost To Start A Chicken Poultry Feed Business Plan? If you are about to start poultry or cattle feed business in Iraq or other countries, most poultry farmers or businessmen would like to know how much money is needed to invest in poultry feed business in the first place. In fact, the cost of setting up poultry chicken feed mill plants is closed related to various factors including feed formulation, production output, chicken feed production process design, chicken feed milling machine selection and chicken feed plant layout. Here we can give some references list for you:

Poultry Chicken Feed Plant Production Scales Chicken Feed Plant Cost (USD)
1-2T/H chicken feed plant 10000-50000
3-4T/H chicken feed plant 5,0000-12,0000
5-7T/H chicken feed plant 7,0000-25,0000
8-10T/H chicken feed mill 150,000-300,000
12-20T/H chicken feed mill 250,000-580,000
25-40T/H chicken feed mill 45,0000-850,000

Note: When it comes to complete chicken feed plant project investment cost, you need to consider chicken feed raw materials, chicken feed plant workshop rent, small poultry feed mill machinery cost, chicken feed plant project installation and commissioning charges, chicken feed plant production cost, chicken feed plant labor cost and so on.

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Best animal poultry chicken feed mill manufacturer--- Richi Machinery

The chicken feed processing plant animal feed manufacturing process design and chicken feed making machine provided by Richi Machinery has many advantages that attract customers from Mexico, America, Italy, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and more countries. Any questions about setting up chicken feed factory or chicken fodder plants for making chicken feed for broilers, please contact us freely!

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