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Zimbabwe Complete Set 3-5T/H Broiler Chicken Feed Mill Project

Name:Chicken Feed Plant
Date:Sep 3th, 2018
Feed Size:1-6mm broiler feed pellets
The install period:30 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):9m*5m*13m
Guiding Price:50000-120000 USD
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Potential broiler chicken feed production industry in Zimbabwe

The 3-5 tons per hour chicken feed plant project focused on broiler feed market in Zimbabwe. The production of feed for poultry especially broilers is characterized as capital intensive with intensive management practices such as specialization and product differentiation. The production of broiler meat commercially is expanding in the SADC region, 58.6% for Zimbabwe and 66.4% for South Africa, thereby giving a great room and opportunity for the poultry industry to make profit.
Potential broiler chicken feed production industry in Zimbabwe

It is noted that Zimbabwe has the good potential in broiler production. Therefore, there is need to increase the production of broiler feed or find alternatives that will lower broiler feed prices but we think there is a lack of empirical evidence on the structure, conduct and performance of the broiler feed marketing system in Zimbabwe. Regarding this point, we also communicated with the Zimbabwe client during the negotiation of the 3-5tph high quality broiler chicken feed manufacturing project and expressed our suggestions for his future marketing.

Overview of 3-5t/h full poultry feed mill plant for broiler feed production in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwe 3-5 tons per hour chicken feed pellet plant project undertaken this time has an advanced fully automatic batching system. The 3-5t/h poultry chicken feed mill uses corn, wheat, and other grain as raw materials, mainly processing 1-2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and other chickens feed pellets.

Zimbabwe 3-5t/h broiler feed plant project customer visitZimbabwe 3-5t/h broiler feed plant project customer visit

Broiler chicken feed making machine in this 3-5t/h feed mill project
Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.12B
Screw conveyor*TLSS20
Chicken feed grinder*SFSP.56*40
Bucket elevator*TDTG36/18
Storage bin*1 m³
Chicken feed mixing machine (Pneumatic door)*SLHY.1
Permanent magnet drum*TCXT20
Chicken feed pelletizer*SZLH.350
Cooling machine*SKLN17*17
Chicken pellet cooling machine*SKLN17*17
Rotary screener*SFJH100*2
Auto Packing machine*DSC-50

During the Zimbabwe 3-5t/h poultry chicken broiler animal feed pellet making plant project, Richi Machinery strictly implements the turnkey standards. From the front-end sales manager to the back-end project delivery, every link meets high standards and high requirements. Richi has fully communicated and adjusted the chicken feed mill design and chicken feed mill machine details proposed by our customers, which provided a favorable technical guarantee for the smooth completion of the chicken feed production project. The Zimbabwe 3-5 tons chicken feed processing plant project was officially put into operation in May 2018.

Zimbabwe 3-5t/h broiler feed mill plant equipment delivery siteZimbabwe 3-5t/h broiler feed mill plant equipment delivery site

Due to advanced technology, scientific chicken feed mill layout and process design, reliable broiler feed equipment, standard construction, and considerate service, this chicken feed plant project achieved good results in one-time acceptance, all passing, and immediate production. To this end, the Zimbabwe customer is very satisfied with the cooperation with Richi, and said that in the future expansion of the chicken feed production line, it will continue to use RICHI's broiler chicken feed making machine and chicken feed mill processes to achieve another win-win cooperation.

Zimbabwe 3-5t/h broiler feed processing plant project siteZimbabwe 3-5t/h broiler feed processing plant project site

Customer feedback of the 3-5t/h broiler feed plant:

According to our actual situation, from site survey to chicken feed equipment selection, installation, to commissioning and acceptance, RICHI provides an customized chicken feed manufacturing plant solution, and dispatches a technical team to train our feed mill operators to help us achieve as soon as possible in the short term value. Richi has many projects in Africa, professional technical broiler feed mill solutions, customized chicken feed mill services, and a serious and responsible attitude. We have a very happy cooperation with Pellet Richi.

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