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Ethiopia 5-6T/H Customized Powder Feed Mill For Layer Feed Production

Name:Powder feed plant
Date:July 8, 2019
Feed Size:Powder feed
The install period:20 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):9m*5m*13m
Guiding Price:50000-250000 USD
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Prospects for poultry feed production in Ethiopia

The animal feed industry around the world consists of poultry feed production, pig feed production, ruminant feed production, aqua feed production, pet feed production, livestock feed production and other feeds. The poultry feed market is divided into categories which are broilers, layers, turkeys and others such as ducks and ostrich. This is how the feed is categorized world-wide therefore many feed producers focused on the poultry feed production which is the most dominant feed produced in the whole world holding above 50% of all the feed that is produced in the world.

Prospects for poultry feed production in Ethiopia

Poultry feed is the feedstock used for feeding the poultry to obtain a high quality poultry specie and it also improves the growth rate of the poultry products and lowers the mortality rate of the poultry specie. The raw materials used for poultry feed production is of different types and that depends on the end product for example, eggs or meat. There is feed for layers and feed for broilers. Poultry feedstock is used in most commercial poultry farms due to its cost effective and desired results in poultry production.

The common challenges included the need for capacity-building, access to affordable, good quality feed, vaccinations and veterinary services, and promoting egg consumption among local markets. However, low consumption was also seen as an opportunity because it means there is room for growth in the markets of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia 5-6t/h chicken feed plant project customer visitEthiopia 5-6t/h chicken feed plant project customer visit

Other opportunities included growing economies, especially Ethiopia, growing middle classes across the three countries and an increase in supermarkets, hotels and chain restaurants. There was a discussion on whether there was a growing market for manufacturing and selling egg products, such as egg in powdered or liquid form, which is currently mostly imported from the US.

Overview of computer control 5-6t/h chicken feed plant for powder in Ethiopia

The Ethiopia 5-6 tons per hour laying chicken powder feed production plant undertaken by RICHI can produce powdered nutritious feed that meets different animal species. The main raw materials in this chicken powder feed plant are corn, wheat, soybean meal, and other grain.

Ethiopia 5-6t/h chicken feed production line project siteEthiopia 5-6t/h chicken feed production line project site

This 5-6tph automatic feed mill is for layer powder feed production, so the whole chicken feed manufacturing plant we configured for this Ethiopia customer is very special, main chicken feed making machine include corn grinder for chicken feed*37KW, poultry feed mixer*500kg/batch, automatic bagging machine and other auxiliary equipment.

Details about chicken feeds making machine in this powder feed mill project
Screw conveyor*TLSS20
Iron removing device*Z-Type
Poultry feed grinder machine*SFSP.56*40
Poultry feed mixer*SLHY.2.5L
Pulse dust collector*TBLMa.8A
Draft fan*4-72-2.8A
Screw conveyor (Air locked)*TLSS20
Auto Packing machine*DSC-50
MCC Control Center ;Mimic control panel (power range from 22 kw for star triangle start, main electric components are delixi brand)
Chicken feed production process of the 5-6t/h chicken feed production plant in Ethiopia

Chicken feed production process of the 5-6t/h chicken feed production plant in Ethiopia

The Ethiopia customer's 5-6 tons commercial chicken powder feed mill was officially started at the end of 2019. It has been completed and started trial production. In the construction of this layer feed plant project, RICHI undertakes the scope of chicken feed mill workshop steel structure, warehouse steel structure, and a full set of chicken feed machine for layers.

During the implementation of this 5-6t/h automatic laying hen chicken feed manufacturing plant project, all the staff of the commercial powder feed mill project team overcome the adverse effects of weather and power outages, timely implement construction tools and chicken feed mill machinery, organize construction in a reasonable and orderly manner, complete the relevant installation work, and ensure that the chicken powder feed production plant project is completed in advance.

In the case of unfavorable objective conditions, installation quality management and control became a major difficulty for this fully automatic chicken feed mill plant project. In view of this, based on rich experience, RICHI installers and feed mill project personnel have minimized the incidence of rework, improved efficiency, ensured quality, and won the trust of customers.

Ethiopia 5-6t/h chicken feed line project siteEthiopia 5-6t/h chicken feed line project site

Customer feedback of Ethiopia chicken animal feed plant for powder

From the quick response to the inquiry in the early stage to the overall after-sales service in the later stage, we feel that RICHI attached great importance to this project, especially during the installation of the chicken feed milling machine, engineers are always in our chicken feed factory to guide and follow up responsibly handle. After the commissioning and operation of the chicken feed system project, the overall situation is very satisfactory.

Ethiopia 5-6t/h chicken feed line equitment equipment delivery siteEthiopia 5-6t/h chicken feed line equitment equipment delivery site

Although there are many problems in the middle, RICHI's response speed and implementation services will quickly help us solve the problem. During the powder chicken feed mill project construction period, it is normal for various problems to appear, but we are more concerned about the feedback response and the attitude and speed of solving the problems. At this point, what RICHI has done is very satisfying to us.

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