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Gambia 1-2T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line

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Name:Chicken Feed Pellet Line
Date:July 11th,2019
Feed Pellet Size:2-6mm chicken feed pellet
The install period:10 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):6m*4m*4.5m
Main Raw material:Corn, wheat, and other grain.

Gambia 1-2T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line

Overview of 1-2 ton per hour poultry chicken feed plant for sale Gambia

This small scale chicken feed production project is the first feed production line established by RICHI in Gambia, and signed the "800-1000kg/h animal feed pellet line project" and "3-4T/H animal feed production line +flat die animal feed production line project" on June 28, 2020 and February 20, 2021, respectively. ".

This is a very simple chicken feed line, a manual chicken feed line, not an automated chicken feed line. It is used to process broiler feed, mainly for customers' own farms, and sell excess feed to surrounding farmers. This small scale chicken feed pellet processing plant project uses conventional chicken feed raw materials, and according to customer requirements, 2-6mm chicken feed pellets are processed.

Customer visit of 1-2t/h small scale poultry feed production line Gambia projectCustomer visit of 1-2t/h small scale poultry feed production line Gambia project

Main chicken feed milling machines in this complete chicken feed line: 1. chicken feed grinder hammer mill*11KW; 2. chicken feed mixer*250kg/batch; 3. chicken feed pellet machine*22kw; 4. cooling belt**3kw and other subsidiary chicken feed equipment, It's not full automatic contral system.

In order to save customers the cost of chicken feed equipment and later operating costs to the greatest extent, the small chicken feed line customized by our engineers is only equipped with 4 host chicken feed equipment, and the entire simple home use poultry chicken feed pellet making line project only requires 49.7 KW of electricity. Our company provides drawing details are chicken feed plant flow chart, installed drawings, chicken feed plant pit drawings, chicken feed plant machinery operating instruction, etc.

Customer visit of customizable easy to use small chicken feed plant Gambia projectCustomer visit of customizable easy to use small chicken feed plant Gambia project

As our 1-2t/h chicken feed line equipment is very easy to install, under the guidance of engineers, the customer completed the installation of all chicken feed making machine in only 10 days. This is a simple small feed production line, the installation is very smooth, and no problems are encountered during the installation. The whole 1-2t/h chicken feed line was put into operation 5 days after the installation was completed.

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Why Gambia customer choose RICHI 1-2 t/h chicken farm animal feed pelletizing line plant for making chicken feeds?

RICHI customized 1-2t/h small chicken feed plant manufacturing process is specially designed for meeting the demand from our Gambia client, which can process the chicken feed pellets with the size varying from 1 mm to 12 mm based on the requirement of the customers. It is mainly used for making broiler chicken feed on poultry farms, in small chicken feed factories, and for invetors to start chicken feed business.
Why Gambia customer choose RICHI 1-2t/h chicken farm animal feed pelletizing line plant for making chicken feeds

As one professional broiler chicken feeds plant equipment manufacturer and supplier, Richi Machinery can not only offer the small scale animal feed plant process, but also provides turkey chicken feed mill plant project plan for making chicken feed pellets, mash feed and crumbled feed with multiple sizes.

Main small chicken feed making machine of 1-2 t/h small chicken feed pellets feed line for sale Gambia

The 1-2 ton per hour chicken feed production plant is specially designed and manufactured for one of our clients, which is suitable for producing both poultry feed and livestock feed, including cattle, sheep, cow, pig, birds etc., while some chicken feeds equipment choices may vary. Before running your own plant for chicken feed, view the layout of this small chicken poultry feed production line for reference. Here is the main necessary milling machine for making chicken feeds in the small animal chicken feed processing plant.
Main small chicken feed making machine of 1-2tph small chicken feed pellets feed line for sale Gambia

Testing video of 1-2 ton per hour small animal feed production line before shipment

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How to make broiler chicken feeds? Customized chicken feed pellet production line process design for Gambia customer

The chicken feed manufacturing process can be divided into several stages, and there is one specialized chicken feed processing machine for each stage of the chicken feed production process. According to the chicken feed raw materials conditions, the chicken feed making process can be added or reduced, we customize the chicken feeds machine and complete chicken feed line for our clients!

Equipment delivery of Gambia 1-2t/h animal poultry feed plant production line projectEquipment delivery of Gambia 1-2t/h animal poultry feed plant production line project


Raw Materials Reception and Cleaning Process

The first stage involves receiving and cleaning the raw material such as grain, beans, grass or fish meals used for making pellet feed.


Feed Crushing Process

The raw material for chicken feed is then passed into the corn grinder for chicken feed, where it is ground into a size which is suitable for making broiler feed pellets.
chicken feed making process flow of small feed production line


Feed Mixing Process

The crushed chicken fodder materials are then passed through a chicken feed mixer, where different ingredients are added to the chicken feed raw material to ensure that the finished chicken pellet contains all the required nutrients.


Chicken Feed Pelleting Process

The pelletization stage is the most important stage in the 1-2t/h poultry chicken broiler animal feed pellet making plant, since the chicken feed powder is converted into pellets of the desired size and shape. Compared to the ring die chicken feed pellet machine, the ring die chicken pellet making machine has various capacities.


Feed Pellets Cooling Process

The chicken feed pellets are produced by chicken feed pelletizer machine at a temperature of 88 degree centigrade and have a moisture level of 17-18%. For cooling, drying and storage, the moisture level should be reduced to 10-12% . Hence the feed pellets are passed through the chicken pellet cooler, where they are cooled to a temperature which is close to room temperature, dried to reduce the moisture levels.

If the processed chicken feed pellets are for sale, we usually also configure a packing section for customers. However, this project did not configure related equipment.


Feed Pellets Packaging Section Details

After the chicken feed pellets are produced, a semi automatic packing machine is used to put the pellet feed in bags so that they can be stored or transported to the end customer. A computerized chicken feed bagging machine will measure the feed of a specific amount for each bag, and it will be pneumatically discharged to the bag for packing. The bag with the pellets will move on a conveyor to the area where machines will automatically stitch the open tops of the bag, so that they can be transported.

Advantages of Making Broiler Feed Pellets By 1-2T/H Chicken Feed Manufacturing Plant In Gambia

Many farmers are keeping poultry, like duck, chicken, broiler, hen, goose, pigeon, etc. for their meat, eggs, and other products, and they have to feed them regularly with pellet feed, since it is available throughout the year.

Hence there is a lot of demand for chicken feed processing machines which can be used for converting raw material into mash feed or pelleted animal feed. Some of the raw materials which are used for the small chicken feed pellet manufacturing plant for animal feed are maize, grain, MBM, straw, grass, alfafa, molasses, it depends on the availability of the material. The capacity of the animal chicken feed pellet line should be selected based on the demand for the material.

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