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Tanzania 1-2T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Plant For Making Broiler Feed

Name:Small broiler Feed Pellet Plant
Date:November 16, 2017
Feed Pellet Size:1-6mm broiler feed pellets
The install period:30 Days
Workshop size(L*W*H):13m*4m*8m
Broiler feed mill plant cost:$10000-50000 USD
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Overview of 1-2 tons poultry feed mill for broiler feed production in Tanzania

The small capacity broiler chicken feed plant project is in Tanzania with an output 1-2t/h. The main broiler feed making machine used are SZLH250 chicken feed pellet milling machine, SFSP56 *40b corn grinder for chicken feed, SLHY0.5 chicken feed mixer, cooling machine, boiler, crumbling machine and so on. This is a high-configuration small poultry feed mill for broiler feed production in Tanzania.

The project site of 1-2t/h animal chicken feed pellet line in TanzaniaThe equipment delivery of 1-2t/h animal chicken feed pellet line for sale Tanzania

This Tanzania small scale low cost broiler feed mill project covers an area of ​​13*4*8m (length*width*height) and uses 63.83 KW of electricity. In addition, this Tanzania broiler feed manufacturing plant project requires 3-4 people to operate. During the Tanzania 1-2tph small commercial chicken broiler feed mill project installation process, we dispatched 2 engineers for on-site installation and guidance.

The project site of 1-2t/h chicken feed manufacturing line in Tanzania
The project site of 1-2t/h chicken feed manufacturing line in Tanzania

In July 2018, the Tanzania 1-2 ton per hour new design small broiler feed mill project was successfully put into operation. From the early communication to later signing the contract, RICHI always adhere to the principle "creating value for the customer", to solve customers' problems fundamentally, and to create a high quality broiler feed production line with maximum benefit.

Broiler Chicken Feed Pellet Processing Technology Of 1-2T/H Low Cost Small Commercial Broiler Feed Mill Plant In Tanzania

Raw Material → Feed Grinding → Feed Mixing → Feed Pelletizing → Pellet Cooling → Pellet Crumbling → Screening & Grading → Pellet Packing

  1. Raw Material intake system of the 1-2t/h small poultry broiler feed pellet manufacturing plant Tanzania
    All the solid ingredients packed in bags for feed production would be received in broiler chicken poultry feed plant by road. Their materials will be store in store godown. According to requirement these material will be dumped manually in dumping hopper and conveyed to the pre-cleaner through the mechanical conveyor system.
  2. Pre-cleaning system of the 1-2t/h poultry chicken broiler animal feed pellet making plant Tanzania
    Pre-cleaning is a broiler feed mill process of removing unwanted material from our ingredients. As we received the material, there will be possibility of having unwanted material such as iron pieces, jutes threads, oversize pieces which can jam our silos system. So for cleaning we use a pre-cleaning machine. Then these pre-cleaned materials are transpired to silos through mechanical conveyors and elevators.Broiler Chicken Feed Pellet Processing Technology Of 1-2T/H Low Cost Small Commercial Broiler Feed Mill Plant In Tanzania
  3. Batching system of the 1-2 ton automatic chicken feed processing line plant Tanzania
    Batching is broiler feed mill process of combining each and every material in a proportioning ratio called boiler feed formula it is very important process of every animal feed plant. A Better and accurate ration of material will give is a better quality and a fully nutrients feed.
    This batching process may be a computerized controlled or may have manual control room to cut the cost of the chicken broiler plant.
  4. Grinding system of the 1-2 ton per hour poultry animal feed processing plant Tanzania
    Grinding is a broiler feed mill process of bracking solid ingredients to a required size. Finer the material higher will be the surface area exposure to heat and moisture to accomplish the gelatinization in conditioning.
    A fine granding material can transfer his maximum energy to the animal as compare to a course grinded material. It is a very energy consuming process.Broiler Chicken Feed Pellet Processing Technology Of 1-2T/H Low Cost Small Commercial Broiler Feed Mill Plant In Tanzania
  5. Mixing system of the 1-2t/h small scale chicken feed pellet processing plant Tanzania
    As the name implies "Mixing" is a broiler feed mill process of combining blending of micro ingredients. A proper mixing can be defined with a unit called co-efficient of variation. Smaller the co-efficient of variation higher will be the quality of mixing.
    Our well designed chicken feed mixer machine has such a great quality. Beyond this is a mixer machine for chicken feed should have a provision to mix liquid to it as we need oil or molasses addition to the feed.
  6. Pelleting system of the 1-2t/h broiler chicken animal pellet feed production plant Tanzania
    Pelleting is a main step of any chicken broiler feed pellet manufacturing plant. It is a feed mill process of converting any powder to solid shape called pellet. In this broiler feed mill process the powder material is extruded through a well designed die with the help of rollers to convert it in to broiler pellets. The quality & production of chicken feed pelletizer depends on so many parameters.Pelleting system of the 1-2t/h broiler chicken animal pellet feed production plant Tanzania
  7. Cooling system of the 1-2t/h automatic chicken animal feed pellet making plant Tanzania
    Cooling is a broiler feed mill process of removing heat. As we know during conditioning we add heat and moisture and also through palleting process heat generates by extrusion process.
    But the chicken feed pellet should have a standard moisture and heat to attain its life of storage and make it safe from fungus. So we have to remove extra heat and moisture from the pallet. All this is done with the help of a well designed counter flow cooler.
  8. Crumbling system of the 1-2t/h factory price chicken feed pellet processing line plant Tanzania
    Crumbling is a chicken feed mill process in which pellets after cooling is broken in to small pieces to make it suitable for small chicks. When there is no need of crumbling, we by-pass the feed directly to the screen with the help of By-pass Mechanism. A well designed pellet crumbler should have capability to break the pellets without making much finer.The project site of 1-2t/h customizable easy to use small boiler feed plant in Tanzania
  9. Screening system of the 1-2t/h automatic small plant poultry pellet feed production plant Tanzania
    Product coming out of broiler pellet crumbler is or their in pallets form (if we use by-pass) or in crumbs form. There are required to screen to remove fines and oversize particle. A double deck screeners are used to remove both fine and oversize particles and pellets.
    Fine and directed to chicken feed pellet mill for repelleting while oversize pellets are directed to crumbler for reprocessing. A well desired screener should have capability to remove fine and oversize to a desired percentages, and it should not be clog frequently.

Broiler Feed Making Machine Related To 1-2T/H Complete Broiler Feed Mill For Sale Tanzania

Broiler Chicken Feed Grinder →Broiler Feed Mixer → Broiler Feed Pellet Maker → Counterflow Cooler → Broiler Feed Pellets Crumbler → Broiler Feed Pellets Grading Sieve → Automatic Weighing and Packing Machine

Broiler feed making machine details
Screw conveyor*TLSS16
Chicken Poultry Feed Grinder Mill*15-200
Chicken broiler feed mixing machine*SLHY0.5A
Storage bin for making pellet*1m³
Stainless steel condtioner for chicken pellet machine*TZQ273*180
Chicken feed pellet press machine*SZLH-250
Conterflow cooling machine*SKLN1.0*1.0
Crumbling machine*SSLG15*100
Bucket elevator*TDTG36/18
Vibrating sifter*ZDS60*1
MCC Control Center ;Mimic Control Panel
Engineers on site of 1-2t/h small pellet production making line  in TanzaniaEngineers on site of 1-2t/h small pellet production making line in Tanzania

List of animal feed plants and animal feed making machines we have exported to Tanzania:

Project Order time
1-2T/H Animal Feed Pelletizing Plant 2017.11.16
500kg Animal feed processing line 2021.06.28
1-2T/H Animal Feed Pellet Mill 2016.8.13
1-2T/H Powder Feed Plant 2016.12.30
3-5T/H Powder Feed And Pellet Feed Plant 2019.3.21
300kg Animal feed pelleting machine 2020.03.20
500KG Animal cattle goat feed production line 2021.08.05
150KG/H Small Floating Fish Feed Plant 2020.09.18
animal feed making machinesRICHI animal feed plant and animal feed manufacturing machines in Tanzania

Tips for Broiler Chicken Feed Production Design In Broiler Feed Mills

With the increase in demand of the poultry feed consumption, chicken feed production too has become a very important aspect to be focused on. Now coming to the different kind of feeds:

Nutritional Requirements of Growing Broiler Chicken Feed

Requirement of any of the following nutrient is relative to the other nutrients there are few factors that need to be considered before expressing the need of a certain nutrient. Quantity of one nutrient depends on the quantity of the other. For example, the percentage of calcium, phosphorus and sodium are interdependent.
The project site of 1-2t/h poultry feed processing plant in Tanzania

  • Proteins: In the dietary requirements of chicken soyabean meal, canola meal and meat and bone meal constitute of the protein majorly. The daily crude protein intake is always kept least in the feed, for it provides an adequate amount of essential amino acids in the chicken diet.
  • Amino Acids: The growth rate of the chicken depends on the percentage of Amino acid in the chicken feed. An adequate amount of amino acid is required to ensure rapid growth of the chicken and for a successful, meat chicken feed program.
  • Minerals: The quantity of minerals in the feed not only depends on the requirement, but it majorly depends on the bioavailability of the mineral sources. For different sources the concentration of minerals differs. For example, there is a difference in the bioavailability of zinc in zinc sulphate and zinc oxide.
  • Vitamins: It is said that the vitamin requirements of chicken reduces with the growing age. Though there's no concrete argument to prove it. Vegetable oils or animal fats are the optional ingredients to be included in the diet to provide additional energy.

Composition of Typical Broiler Feed

The composition of the chicken feed varies with the varied growing stages of the chicken. The feed producers usually have a 3 stage feeding program, depending on which the feed changes as the chicken grow. It basically has the: Starter feed, Grower feed and the finisher feed. Some of them have also introduced a withdrawal feed just before the harvest. Compared to all the other feeds, the finished feed has the lowest composition of protein and higher in energy.

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