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16T/H Chicken Feed Manufacturing Plant

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Name:Broiler Feed Production Plant
Date:December 2020
Pellet Size:1-4mm
The install period:90 Days
Control Mode:Automatic
Chicken feed manufacturing plant price:2 million USD ((including civil works))

16T/H Chicken Feed Manufacturing Plant

Origin Of 16T/H Chicken Feed Manufacturing Plant Project

With the improvement of people's living standards, chicken as a healthy high-quality protein is being recognized and accepted by consumers, and the consumption demand is strong and growing strongly. It is the second largest meat consumption product after pork.

In this context, the customer has its own chicken farm. In order to cooperate with the chicken breeding project, the customer company invested 2 million US dollars to build a feed production project. After the project is completed, it can form a production scale of 16t/h pellet feed for broiler breeders (Annual output 50,000 tons).
animal feed pellet making machine chicken feed manufacturing plant


Construction Of 16T/H Chicken Feed Manufacturing Plant

Main construction:

Production workshop: 16x20m2, 1-6 floors of the workshop; (2 raw material receiving systems, 2 crushing and mixing granulation systems, 2 finished packaging systems)

Storage and transportation construction:

animal feed manufacturing business plan pdf chicken feed manufacturing plant

Energy consumption


Consumption of raw and auxiliary materials

Name Annual consumption (t/a) Maximum storage capacity (t/a)
Corn 30000 3000
Soybean meal 8000 500
Wheat 2000 500
Bran 1000 500

Equipment for 16T/H Chicken Feed Manufacturing Plant

Raw material receiving system

Device name Specification model QTY
Pellet hopper and fence LNGM18A 2
Pulse dust collector TGSSP20 2
Buried scraper conveyor TDTG40/28 2
Bucket elevator TBLMB4A 3
Cylinder initial cleaning TCXT25 2
Permanent magnet cylinder TFPX4-250A 2
Rotary distributor TBDD25X25 1

Crushing and mixing granulation system

Device name Specification model QTY
Impeller Feeder TWLY20X80 2
Beyond the Micro Grinder SWFP66*80C 2
Grinder on-site control cabinet LNGM30 2
Bucket elevator TFPX8-250A 2
Animal feed granulator SZLH420 2

Finished product packaging system

Device name Specification model QTY
Electric Gate TZMD30X40 8
Scraper Conveyor TGSSP25 1
Vibrating classifier SFJZ100X1 1
Electronic packing scale LCS-50 Belt Feed Single Scale Hopper 1
Tape Conveyor Bag Sewing Machine / 1
Pulse dust collector TBLMY15 1
Dust removal fan / 1
Quantitative scale 1500 kg/batch 3
chicken feed manufacturing plant animal feed processing machinery and equipment

16T/H Chicken Feed Manufacturing Plant Process Flow


Crushed into warehouse:

In this period, the corn, soybean meal, wheat, and bran in the feed tank are transported to the first floor of the production workshop through the buried scraper conveyor, and the impurity is removed through the cylinder initial cleaning (removing small particles of gravel mixed in the raw materials, soil granules and other debris, etc.), and then re-screened through the granule hopper and fence, and finally the crushed granules are put into the warehouse through the material-sealed screw conveyor;



The crushed corn, soybean meal, wheat and bran in the storage bin are transported to the 5th floor of the production workshop through the bucket elevator, enter the buffer hopper from the upper material level device, and go to the 2nd floor of the production workshop from the lower material level device of the buffer hopper.

The impeller feeder is used for batching according to the ratio of 30:8:2:1 (corn: soybean meal: wheat: bran), and it is pulverized again by the ultrafine pulverizer.

(You read that right, the customer chose a superfine pulverizer instead of a general feed hammer mill. Based on the customer's special process, raw materials and formula, he has higher requirements for the pulverization particle size of raw materials.)
animal feed production chicken feed manufacturing plant



The crushed materials are transported to the settling chamber on the 6th floor of the production workshop through the bucket elevator, and then transported to the rotary distributor on the 3rd floor of the production workshop to rotate and mix the materials in the settling chamber.



The mixed pellets are conveyed to the mixer on the 6th floor of the production workshop through the bucket elevator, and steam is introduced into the mixer to start pelleting with animal feed pellet machine, and the pelleted broiler breeders are transported to the packaging line with pelleted feed.

The steam in this 16t/h chicken feed manufacturing plant project is used in the granulation process in the chicken feed production process to sterilize the feed granules, make the feed granules easier to form and make the granules fuller. During the use of steam, most of the steam condenses on the granulation equipment and evaporates naturally, and a small part of the steam is discharged along with it. The gas cylinder is discharged.


Public and auxiliary works


Water supply

Water supply system: The production water and domestic water of the construction project are directly imported from the existing water supply pipe network in the park, and the municipal water supply pipe is connected to the factory area from the central road tap water pipe network.



The drainage system of this 16t/h chicken feed manufacturing plant project adopts the separation system of rainwater and sewage. Domestic sewage, canteen wastewater, etc. are treated by the sewage treatment facilities in the plant. After reaching the standard, they are connected to the sewage treatment plant through the municipal pipe network.

After further treatment, the tail water is discharged into the Juju River. The rainwater is connected to the municipal rainwater pipe network through the rainwater drainage system and discharged into nearby rivers.



In the production of this project, steam is used as the heat source for making pellet feed, and the amount of steam used is about 3000t/a.
chicken feed manufacturing plant animal feed making machine price kenya


Power supply

The power consumption of this project is about 800,000 kW·h, which is uniformly supplied by the local municipal power grid.


Storage and transportation

The inventory of this project is kept for 40 days. The total inventory of various raw materials is about 4,500 tons. The corn is stored in the steel silo, and the rest of the raw materials are stored in the raw material warehouse; the feed inventory is stored in the finished product warehouse and finished product warehouse for 2-3 days. The total amount is about 400 Ton.



The raw material corn of this project is transported by ship or train, and then transported to the chicken feed factory by short-distance car, and soybean meal, wheat, bran, etc. are transported to the chicken feed plant by car.



In this phase, a 250m3 underground fire-fighting pool is set up on the south side of the factory building and on the east side of the guard room, and sufficient fire-fighting equipment is equipped at the same time.



The plant greening rate of this 16t/h chicken feed manufacturing plant project is 16.92%. The green space of the whole plant is mainly landscape greening, and protective isolation belts, namely fences and green belts, are set up between the production area, office area, and living area.

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